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29September, 2015

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RE:Application for internship in the marketing department

Ihighly regard the founder of Oasis.com Company and the philosophybehind the formation of the company. The practice of business and thebusiness model of the company are innovative and a result of greatcreativity. The company and the founder credit the success of thecompany on customer satisfaction through staff dedication to theirwork. It is this success that I wish to join by applying my skillsand education as an intern in the Marketing Department.

Myunique abilities in the field of marketing and most creativity inpersonal relations will help the department to generate innovativemarketing ideas. In addition, my skills in communication and socialmedia will placed me as an ideal candidate for an internship in thebusiness marketing department with Scholar Oasis.com Company. Theskills have improved my customer relations skills and will propel meto effective marketing strategies. With my commitment in using myknowledge and skills in devising new localized marketing strategies,the department will succeed and add immense value to the company.

Mystrong customer relations skills will help me to build your company’sreputation of customer satisfaction. In addition to my passion, Iwill embark on a strong brand building through excellentcommunication skills. With my eagerness to learn, sound education andmotivation to excel, the department will realize an asset to in mymarketing skills. My courses in marketing and my enthusiasm to workin sales and marketing in the future have convinced me that marketingis an ideal career.

Myaction is to introduce fresh energy and passionate ideas areimportant to the firm. To do this, my particular desire will be topromote the growth and development of the company is realizing. It ismy belief that my reliability will avail promptly assistance to thecompany. Please feel free to contact me in case of any prospectivemeeting. You could contact me through my phone number (phone number)or (email address) any time.