Writing Assignment #1

Writing Assignment #1


WritingAssignment #1

hongfei yuan


Inthe Lee et al. Nature May article, the authors inspected that thecell cycle control gene cdc2 interacts in both human cells andfission yeast. The authors hypothesized that the human CDC2 gene wasdiscovered in order, which means that a protein of the same molecularweight is encoded as S. pombe cdc2. Therefore, this structural, aswell as functional similarity, implies that basis of cell cycleorganization are probably to be conserved in both humans and yeast,which are likely to be recognized in all eukaryotic cells.

Inorder to know cdc2 gene of cell cycle control exist in both yeast andhumans, the first experiment in the article seeks to discover if theplasmids vector pDB262 was co-transformed cdc2-33 mutation. Duringthe process, they found two plasmids, pOB231, and pOB245 and itscomplemented cdc2-33 mutation. In addition, the next experimentdemonstrates if the insert in pOB231 can afford function as well ascdc2. They detected a Southern blot that was made of Bam H1 digestedDNA in the five yeast with the insert prepared from pOB231, then theygenerated plasmid pSAB2Hs. Under a Southern blot, the DNA fromwild-type cells was compared and prepared, which means that thepOB231 insert into the cells instead of cdc2. As a result, thepOB231 human cDNA insert can provide the functions of S. pombe cdc2so that this is a key experiment. The goal implies cdc2 exists inboth yeast and human cells so that it could be for all eukaryoticcells.

Accordingto the experiment, it is clear that pOB231 human cDNA insert wasdiscovered to keep the same function as S. pombe cdc2. It isimportant for the author to do the next experiment in othereukaryotic cells, such as Penicillium. They may get the same answer,a new gene, or plasmid probably.