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Problem1 A

Globally,precipitation is lowest in the arid areas of equatorial regions. Itis highest in the tropical regions. However, the amount ofprecipitation obtained in any area is subject to topographicalfactors like altitude and latitude of the area (Flannery, 2005).


Globally,evapotranspiration is highest in both equatorial and subequatorialareas. The areas are subject to hot and dry climate. They includeareas such as the South West of North America and northern parts ofSouth America. Other areas include southern Europe, the northern tomiddle parts of Africa and northern parts of Australia (Flannery,2005).


Evapotranspirationis the process of transformation of water on the ground and that inthe plant into air. The process requires a lot of heat andconsequently the areas in the tropics receive a lot of heat from thesun. They experience a lot of evapotranspiration (Flannery, 2005).

Precipitationis the process by which evaporated waters falls back to the groundinform of rain water or ice. High precipitation occurs in thesubtropics areas due to high evaporation. Besides, areas located nearthe oceans and at high altitudes are subject to high precipitation(Flannery, 2005).


Inthe USA, great precipitation is recorded in the 48 lower states thatinclude areas such as Hawaii, Alaska and Oregon. It is related totheir closeness to the ocean and access to the conventional winds(Flannery, 2005).

Thenorthern parts of America have the highest transpiration. Theyinclude Arizona, California and Nevada. The areas with greatevapotranspiration are due to their location further inland. The hotair from the ocean travels inland and cools forming the clouds thatin turn cause rain. High evapotranspiration is caused by dry winds asthey travel further inland they become hotter and cause moreevapotranspiration in the northern countries (Flannery, 2005).


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