Women Vocation

Women Vocation




Womenare an important part of our society. They contribute greatly towardsthe growth and development of the economy. They act as a pillar thatis imperative for the well being of the family. There are many jobsor vocations that are suitable for a woman especially for low incomepurposes

Servingworkers and food preparation Foodpreparation and serving is the aspect applied in the hospitalityindustry. Women are involved in the cooking and also serving.Nevertheless, they are paid low income since the job requires minimaleducation and they can still work part time

DishwashersDishwashing is a job applicable in the hotels. Women are employed to washthe dishes in the hotels and also peoples home. Training is nil butthe job is seen as a stepping stone to serve in the restaurants orfood service industry

CashiersCashierscan be found almost everywhere from clothing lines to food shop.Women are employed to be taking cash since they are the most trustedwhen compared to men.Though most of the cashiers are trained about their job, they need tocomprehend mathematics.

WaitressTheyare involved in taking reservation and directing. The job does notrequire a person to be educated as such. Most of them are not paidwell and thus, they earn low income

AmusementPark attendants Mostcountries have land of amusement. The job is to ensure that thevisitors are attended to and are shown direction. The wages for thejob is below the national mean wage. The employees are expected tohave excellent customer skills where their main jobs ticketcollection

Ushersin theatre Inmovie theatre, women are employed to be taking the tickets. The jobhas not been given much credibility by the government and thus mostwomen work on part time basis in order to boost their income.

FarmworkersFarm worker involve doing all the jobs that pertains a farm such ascultivating, weeding, harvesting, attending to the firm animals etc.women are involved in agricultural work since most people don’tlove farming and thus a feasible income venture.

Homecare and personal aidesThe job opportunities in this profession are so many since with theincreasing cases of health problems, there has been a need to takecare of the sick and underage children. For instance, the women areemployed to take care for the elderly.

Shampooers:Cleaningof carpets is important on regular basis. Women are employed toshampoo and remove the dust. The job does not require one to beeducation. It requires one to follow the directions of the employer

NurseworkersNurse Worker is another job that many women found themselves involvedin. They attend to the patient after the doctor has diagnosed them ofthe ailments

Gradersand sorters Womenare employed in industry to sort and grade things. For instance in amill, women sort and grade the floor in regard to the needs in themarket

Personalaides Womenwork as a personal aide especially to people living in high end placewho have tight schedules and thus require and aide in order to meetthe tight schedules

NanniesWiththe ever increasing number of people being employed, need has arisenin taking care of the children for these parents. As a matter offact, most women are entrusted in taking care of the children,feeding them, taking care of the home and also running errands inabsence of the owners

Childcareworkers Thisis almost similar to nannies but the childcare workers specialize intaking care of children by having a childcare center where the parentleave they children as they go to work and take them in the evening.

Barattendants Withthe increase use of alcohol, many bars have been opened where mostpeople prefer women to men. Most of the drinkers are men and thus areattracted by these women to drink. It is a marketing strategy formost bars and pubs

Laundryand dry cleaning Thisis the washing of cloths. Most people nowadays prefer to take clothsto a laundry where most women work. The basic pay is quite low butstill the women get some income from it

Dressingroom attendants inrestaurants and big hotels, there are extra services offered such aslodging. Dressing room attendants ensure that the rooms are wellmaintained and are clean while at the same time attending to thecustomers

TailoringFashionis a trend that has been capturing many people. As a result, womenget involved in sewing cloths to meet the need. Sometimes, most ofthe targeted customers are low end customers and thus the basicincome is quite low

CooksThisis the act of preparing food. Though many cooks are men, still, womenare finding themselves working in food industry as chef to preparefood

Pharmacyaides Thiskind of work involves individual being involved in giving out drugswhen the doctor has prescribed certain form of drugs to the patient

BakersThisis the act of preparing cakes and breads. Cakes may range fromgraduation to wedding care. Women take a big role in preparation

CleanersCleanersare involved in cleaning rooms and houses. For instance, in manyinstitutions, women act as cleaners and sweepers in ensuring that theworking environment is clean

JanitressTheymaintain and work in buildings such as residential accommodation andhospitals to clean and be the custodian.

Hairdressers Ahair dresser style or cut the hair to change or maintain the image ofa person. It is achieved through the combination of hair cutting,coloring and texturing techniques

Salesworkers Salesworker sell the retail goods such as furniture, clothing and sellingthe spare parts. The worker helps the customer to find they need andthen process the payments for the customers

SecretariesThework consists of providing support to the management through the useof organization skills and communication.Thesecretary deals with the correspondence, organizes meeting and admitnew members

Garbagecollection Womenare involved in collection of garbage and remove the recyclables andrefuse from industrial, commercial and residential sites for furtherdisposal or processing. This kind of work does not pay much but isstill sustainable.

Groceryattendant Thisjob involves making sure that the grocery is stocked, receive, storeand stock the products while ensuring proper quality and rotation.They create and build display to ensure fronting of the products andhandling the credits and product damages in regard to the policy ofthe company