`Without You, There Is No Us`

`Without You, There Is No Us`

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WithoutYou, There Is No Us’

Authoredby Suki Kim, the book “WithoutYou, There Is No Us”is an unsettling publication that offers an erratic and alsodisturbing view into the strangeness, claustrophobia, and brutalityof the North Korea regime. The book is presented as the author’smemoir, which she has used to explore issues of dishonesty, darkness,and deception in an attempt to dehumanize the North Korea nation.Published in 2014, Suki Kim book gained popularity among theKoreans-Americans as it exposed the life in Korea as the authorexperienced before relocating to the United States (Kimna).This paper is an opinion about the future of the Korea’s withreference to the reading of the Suki Kim’s book.

SukiKim was working as an English teacher in one of the universities inNorth Korea, and the book is a narration of the first-hand experienceof how the regime in power was controlling the state affairs. Thebook is divided into two parts part one ‘Anti Atlantis’, whichcovers chapters 1-13, and part two the sun of the 21stcentury, covering chapters 14-27. The book gives a moving insightinto the life of somewhat one of the least known country. The bookgives the view of the country from two accounts. One is for the oneswho would like to be allowed back, and the other is those who careless whether they return or not.

Inchapter one of the book, the author has narrated how she used to taketrips to North Korea after the separation of the Koreas after theKorean War. This represents the source of differences between theKoreas, and the subsequent impact this had on the people. Theleadership regime in the North Korea has been the source lack offreedom, and into a run freeing of its people. When she was teachingin the PUST, she exposed how the people in the North Korea werelocked from the outside North Korea world. This in turn hampered anylink between the Koreas. With the restriction posed by the governingregime, there was no promising future of the North Korea (Kim10).This was heightened by the religious values demanded by themissionaries. Reflecting back on chapter 1, the author has indicatedthe idea that historians states the Korean War as a forgotten war,however, with the Koreans the case is different as the war hasimpacted the political state of the region as well as the internalconflict, and the relation between the two Koreas.

NorthKoreans condemn the South Korea and the United States, but itsironical the author’s students in North Korea are eager to hearabout her life in America. With reference to the book, thepossibility of a better future, freedom for the people, democracy,and more development of the region it is impossible to have a betternation. This is as long as the regime discussed in the book remainsin power (Kim56).The society would continue being under the regime, and in turn moreconfined to the dictatorship of the young leader. It is therefore easy to conclude the inhuman suffering being experienced by the NorthKoreans will continue. This is heightened with the two superpowerschina and the US failing to exert pressure on North Korea, and theruling regime.

Focusingon the possibility of unification between the Koreas, the chanceslook minimal at the north stands strong with its strong oppressiveregime continuing to rule the nation. In summary, the book ‘WithoutYou, There Is No Us’by Suki Kim is a beautifully written piece of publication that has ina great deal expanded on the limited knows about the North Korearuling regime/class. With the regime in power, and its tenaciousresiliencythere lack forms and platforms necessary to brighten the country’sfuture. In my view communication would be necessary in an attempt toreverse the brainwashing that has taken place in the region (NorthKorea) for almost three decades now.


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