Why my father changed me a lot

Why my father changed me a lot

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Whymy father changed me a lot

Theexperience I have had with my father is tough, but enlightening. Iwas five years old when I fell down from my bike as a rode down theslope along with my dad. My dad watched me as I sat on the ground,instead of pulling me up. He then told me to stand up by myself as hewalked away. He said, “When you fall, think of how to get up, neverrely on others”. I perceived that he hated me and I could notunderstand what he meant by that statement. I stood up after a fewminutes, rubbed the dust on the clothes and tried to catch up with mydad, but he had already reached home. When my father saw me enter thehouse he said, “It does not matter if you fall down, but the mostimportant thing is to learn how to stand up immediately”. I havekept my father’s words, which reminds me that it is myresponsibility to learn how to get up or correct my mistakes, insteadof deciding to live with them.

Myteenage subjected me to regular confrontations with my dad. I used todo to overnight parties without permission and get back late. In oneof the occasions, I came back at midnight, lay back, and fell asleepbefore taking a bath. My father took off my shoes and covered meslowly, taking care not to wake me up. Although he did not quarrelwith me, his actions showed me that he still loved me in spite of mydisobedience. Since that day, I never attend overnight partiesbecause I know my father will be worried and wait till I get backhome.

Manyparents treat their children depending on their academic performance.One day I argued with my father following a significant drop in myperformance. After class, I thought he could not pick up from school.However, I was astonished to see him waiting for me at the schoolgate. He pulled out his umbrella and covered from the rain, lettinghim get wet half of his body. This experience taught what my fatherwanted was to convince to work hard.

Ihave known my father to be a man who appreciates and feels proud ofthe little that he has and a man who avoids comparing himself withthose who are richer than him. By looking at him both as a parent anda role model, I have learned to live within my own means and givethanks for what I have instead of contemplating too much about what Ido not have. When I was in the fourth grade, one of my friends boughta formula one car. I pressured my father to buy me a similar car, buthe replied by saying “please learn to live within your own meansand buy what you need”. This taught me the art of contentment thathas impacted my life to-date. From that day, I have never botheredmyself with things that I cannot afford.

Fromexperience, I consider my dad as one of the people who regardplanning as the most important step towards one’s success. Ilearned this since I was a little kid by watching how my fatherplanned his day, starting from morning to evening, which helped himbalance between his professional life and social life. He could andstill spares some time to spend with his family, in spite of his busyschedules. He imparted me with some planning skills when I was in myfifth grade. He taught me how to construct a time table afterobserving that I could not finish most of my assignments or evenspare some time for personal studies. I remember the exact words thathe used when he stated, “my son, if you fail to plan, then you willbe planning to fail”. Since then, I have been planning beforeengaging in any activity, in both my academic and social life.

Itwas one of the boring schools opening days when I engaged in aquarrel with my father. Similar to many children who are not able tosee the relationship between academics and their future, I resolvedto drop out of school just before the onset of the second term of mysixth grade. My angry dad could not believe this, knowing well thateducation was the only reason he was able to take care of the needsof all members of the family. He calmed down and advised me that whatI do today will determine how I will live tomorrow. To emphasize onthis point, my dad narrated to me about his background and how heworked hard in school with the sole objective of attaining thetertiary education, which most of his relatives had missed. Heportrayed himself as an example of people who have managed to breakthe cycle of poverty by making the best use of his youthful life. Inmy case, I have followed the footsteps of my father and I believethat I will graduate soon and pursue my career of choice, which willin turn help me lead the kind of life I have always desired to live.

Anothervalue I recall of my father is self confidence. My father was wellinformed about the cultural differences between the Chinese and thepeople the United States, which increases the risk of rejection,discrimination, and other forms of prejudice. Before sending me toschool in the United States, my father warned me about thesedifferences. He told me, “If someone says no to your request,please ask someone else”. By this statement he meant that noteverybody will be willing to tolerate racial differences, but Ishould not take rejection by one or two people as a barrier to myprogress in life. He warned me that not being rejected by one or twoAmericans should not prevent me from seeing the goodness of themajority of the people of the United States. My dad gave me a newview of the world that has enhanced my ability to live and socializewith people from different cultural backgrounds.

Itwas one of the chilly evenings when my father called me at thebalcony, just a day before sending me tom school in the United Stateswhen I told my dad that I like to counsel my admission to a school inthe United States and look for an alternative school in China. Ifeared that I would not be able to compete with students who havebeen using English as their first language since they were born. Helooked into my eyes and told me, “Son, if you believe in yourself,the only limit to your dreams will be the sky”. He added that, “theonly way to convince people to believe in you, is to first believe inyour own self”. This is a life skill that has shaped my life andprotected my goals from being thrown off track by jealous people orthose who do not mean well for me. Currently, I am able to valuethose who motivate me to achieve my goals and ignore those who try tojeopardize my efforts.

Today,I can confidently say that my father have shaped my life by impartingme with life skills that have allowed me overcome negative behaviorsand lead a successful life. Right from childhood, my father hastaught me how to consider challenges as idea opportunities to learnnew skills. He has changed my life by helping me understand that lifeis full of challenges, but these challenges are hurdles that separatethe successful members of the society from failures. I can attributemy good behavior, hard work, and self confidence, to his teachings.