Why do Women Kill?

Why do Women Kill?

Whydo Women Kill?


Whydo Women Kill?

Womenhave taken their position in killing their fellow women, men, orchildren homicides. According to Browne(2008),it is very difficult to investigate a woman’s homicide case becauseof the notion that they make the minor gender. However, according toresearch that was carried out by Follingstadet al. (2006),women are said to kill or pay hooligans to kill because of issuessuch as jealousy, greed, revenge, self-defense, psychopathology orbecause of an external force. Moreover, the statistic shows thatgreed and abusive life especially in marriage are the main factorsthat cause women to kill. Based on the previous studies, the currentresearch affirms hat sudden death of a person in a family results toa profound negative impact on the family involved, friends, and thecommunity at large. Consequently, my career demands that every suddendeath should be investigated to determined the cause of the deaththis places a significant responsibility on the criminalinvestigation (CI) team involved.

Whatmotivates a woman to kill?

Onthe other hand, the research affirms that due to the increased use oftechnology and scientific reasoning, it has become easy wheninvestigating the cause death. As a result, there are significanthallmark that are based on the science that makes women kill theassumption is that there are protocols that are well grounded wheninvestigating the cause of death especially when a woman is the mainsuspect. Based on the knowledge I have enquired in the criminalinvestigation my jurisdictions are that the end results of a deathinvestigation highly depend on the results given by pathologists,coroners, medical examiners, and the overall duties played by thecriminal investigator.

Forthese reasons, it is crucial to have the “required” training,procedures, and practices required when handling a sensitive case ofdeath. This research, therefore, is meant to fill the gap thatexists between the factors mentioned above and gender. Consequently,the research paper establishes the correlation that exists betweenwomen and their motivation to kill. Based on the number of cases Ihave investigated it is evident that a woman can kill or can hire“hit-men” to kill their friends or husbands to benefit eitherfinancially or physically after the victim’s death. The researchuses a hypothesis that all women who hire hit-men are motivated bygreed and those who kill with their hands are motivated by eitheranger or abusive life. Swanson, Chamelin, Territo, &amp Taylor(2012) argue that women who hire ‘hit-men’ to kill always payafter the “killing job” is done because they depend on what theywill inherit after the death. Most of the women does not killdirectly but kill through hiring goons women remain focused on notmaking their hands “dirty” by shedding innocent blood.

Examplesof kills done by women

Overthe years, I have worked in criminal investigation department I haveattended several cases where women have committed homicides to awoman, a man, or a child(s). For example, Mary Ann is a client I wasinvestigating after she was alleged of killing her husband and theirthree children through arsenic poisoning. According to theinformation I gathered, it is evident that Marry Ann and her husbandMr. Michael Smith were in a marriage full of conflict. Secondly, Mrs.Mary Ann advocated for divorce on several occasions but her wish wasnot granted. This resulted in her decision of poisoning her wholefamily. However, the case under investigation, although was taken asa criminal act that involve serial killing, was hard to achieve. Thisis because although Mr. Michael Smith and his three children sufferedfrom a stomach problem, according to the previous medical history Mr.Smith, their first and last born children were having an intestinaldisorder. Consequently, it was crucial to have autopsy carried out todetermine the cause of their death. The medical report indicated thatthe four were poisoned. Hanging was subjected to Mary Ann.

Secondly,one month ago I was investigating a case of Angela Down a mother whoshoots her two children, killing one and paralyzing one. It wasalleged that Miss Angela wanted to kill her two children so that shecould win her boyfriend. As per my investigations, this lady waskilling because of love and the fact that her boyfriend claimed hecannot marry her because of the two kids. On the same hand, theparalyzed child went to stay with one of the prosecutors who wereattending this case. The report indicated that Miss Angela was provedguilty, and she was given a life imprisonment plus another 50 yearsbecause of using a gun without a license.


Fromthe two cases reviewed above, it is evident that women commithomicide acts because of varying reasons. For example, a woman killsbecause of love, mistreatment in the marriages, self-defense, greed,or revenge. Consequently, when carrying out a criminal investigation,it is paramount to follow the right protocol and have consistency toobtain enough and reliable evidence to affirm that the death waseither caused by lawful or unlawful activity (Swanson, Chamelin,Territo, &amp Taylor, 2012). Additionally, it is important to takeevidence such as taking photos at the death scene, taking exhibitssuch as a knife or a gun that was used to commit the homicide. Theevidence provided should be reliable, trustworthy, and accurate to atest that the defendant is either innocent or not.


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