What question will you research?

What question will you research?

  1. What question will you research?

“Arecollege students today more or less effective communicators thancollege students were in the past?”

  1. State a possible thesis for your essay. (Of course, your thesis may change after you conduct your research.)

Pastcollege students did not have as much access to academic material anda wide range of references from which they could derive differentfacets of knowledge as today’s college students. Unlike today’scollege students who are surrounded by a wide range of information,they worked with hard documents and squeezed budgets to find readingmaterials. The scarcity of knowledge gave them the impetus tointernalize knowledge and pass it on to another person very well.

  1. Who is affected by your topic?

The focusof the topic is on past college students especially the baby boomers.Most of the modern ideas that developed into the information age thatpresent college students enjoy today are the brain child of babyboomers. This is an indication that they were better communicatorsof new ideas than today’s college students.

  1. Why is your topic timely? (In other words, why do you think it is important to discuss your topic now?)

The topicis important because it provides the opportunity to research aboutthe differences between present college students and past collegestudents. Although the main aspect of the discussion is thecommunication capabilities of either groups, other details are likelyto emerge from the discussion hence, provoking further research incommunication.

  1. Why is your topic controversial? What opposing views might exist regarding this topic? Why do you think people hold these opposing views?

Indeed,this topic is very controversial because both proponents andopponents will have strong arguments to make. The most likelyopposing view that will take center-stage is the fact that moderncollege students have an exposure to more opportunities to learnbetter communication skills than past college students. Someopponents may cite aspects such as online tutorials on foreignlanguages. The opposing view may stem from the disagreements whetherthe two groups of college student possess inherent communicationskills or those largely shaped by their contemporary states oftechnology and access to information.

  1. Describe your research plan. Where do you think you will find information related to your research question? What keywords do you plan to use as you search for sources related to your research question?&nbsp

Theresearch plan will appear as follows:

  1. Introduction- it will state the thesis and lay the position of the argument

  2. Body paragraphs with information obtained from communication journals and books.

  3. A conclusion that reiterates the position of the argument.