‘Whatabout Bob’ is a comedy movie that offers good examples ofpsychological disorders that are expressed through the life of BobWiley, the star and the main character in the movie. This movie is anenjoyable and exciting film to watch as it exhibits severalexaggerated and ridiculous scenes (profile, 2012). Through the lifeof Bob, the reality of psychological disorders and the usual extremeaffects that are linked with are conveyed clearly. Though in the filmthere are other several characters that can be diagnosed and examinedwith certain conditions, the outstanding character of them all withregard to the study of these disorders is Bob Wiley. Bob is the maincharacter in this movie because he expresses several differentdisorders.

Themovie which is directed by Frank Oz reveals a plethora of disordersthat are psychological in nature full of comedic scenes (profile,2012). These disorders range from the Paranoid Personality Disorderto Agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces), this makes individualssuffer paranoia (profile, 2012). These disorders encompass theinclination of suspicion and mistrust of anybody other thanthemselves, normally happening at a point when there is reason tofear (YouTube, 2015).

Thismovie involves a successful psychiatrist, Dr. Marvin, who during hisvacation took to the national television to be interviewed for hisbook. He is anticipating an exciting vacation full of peace and freeof worries with his wife and kids when Bob Wiley tries to contact himseveral times before finally he goes to meet the doctor in hisvacation house. Dr. Marvin attempts to convince him that he was onvacation countless times without any success. In the process of thisencounter the doctor becomes the main antagonist in the movie and inthe end he loses his mind and family (whataboutbobpsychology, 2012).In the rest of the movie, the doctor continues to persuade Bob toreturn home and strived to achieve world fame through his interview.

Symptomsand diagnosis

Inthis film most of the main characters experience major psychologicaldisorder in addition to other secondary ones. The main character ofthe movie, Bob Wiley, expressed many signs of Agoraphobia. Forinstance, he is too much dependent on others, a disorder termeddependent personality disorder. This is a psychological disorderwhere the victim depends on those around them for long period of timein order to obtain their basic physical and emotional needs. Bobcannot survive alone and unable to handle any task without assistance(prezi.com, 2015).

Uponmeeting Dr. Marvin, Bob refused to leave him, going to the extentwhere he fakes suicide to attract the Doctor’s attention. Bob wasnot willing to leave the apartment where the doctor spent vacationhe told the doctor how he was afraid his heart will stop or on otheroccasions he expressed his inability to find the bathroom. Evengetting to an elevator was challenge and he did not get on the bus byhimself when he was visiting the doctor, by all means he avoideddoing anything by himself.

Onother scenes, Bob expressed few symptoms of obsessive-compulsivedisorder in the initial stages of the movie. In certain instance, Bobis seen sited in an apartment saying “I feel good, I feel great, Ifeel wonderful&quot several times(Chaoticmadnessinside.deviantart.com, 2015). This he does oncountless occasions especially when he is in a new situation or whenhe is nervous. It was also expressed by his fear of germs andillness, shown when he used a tissue paper to touch on anything whenhe was outside his apartment.

Natureor Nurture

Asseen through the life of Bob Wiley, his mental condition can beattributed to the biological influences. Many occasion his emotionsseems to control him much more than his surroundings. The anxietydisorders lived out by the main character, Bob, cement an importantportrait of understanding the nature of these disorders. Thesymptoms of these disorders seen in the life of Bob, proves that itsorigin is biological, because the people with the condition possess agreat deal of impaired sense of emotional control.

Asone observes the life of Bob, his chaotic behavior largely stems fromthe fact the he emotionally judge the situations and thecircumstances around him. For instance, he had a difficult timeleaving the house, using an elevator, and carrying out simpleactivities. In other words, he is afraid of virtually everythingmaking him be in a constant state of anxiety and panic. Therefore,many of his mental disorders arise due to his multitude of phobias.


Thelife of Bob Wiley is controlled by a multitude of psychologicaldisorders that calls for a special and a unique form of treatment. Aneffective form of treatment that should be administered to Bob is along term therapeutic counselling sessions done by a well reputedpsychiatrist. The first stage of this treatment should be a properand clear understanding of the situation by the psychiatrist.

Fromthe movie, the form of treatment given by Dr. Marvin seems inadequatein the sense that he failed to understand the plight of the patientpsychological disorders. He intended to have an instance treatment toBob, but when he realized he was not responding well to hismedication, Dr. Marvin attempted to get rid of Bob. In other words,the best choice treatment for Bob’s psychological disorders is tooutline a compressive and integrated sessions of counselling where heought to be acquainted with the need to avoid anxiety of entirelynon-existence and small matters.


Theprognosis of this form of treatment is good. Since it is a long termcounselling sessions, the patient will be able to appreciate andunderstand his emotional anxiety as he will be shown over and overagain the reality of his impairment. Therefore, Bob will come toterms for his failure to access circumstances and situations for whatthey are and not according to a tainted personal perspective.


Itis apparent form this movie that Bob, the main character, underwentmultiple psychological disorders. These disorders ranged fromAgoraphobia to Paranoid Personality Disorder and the associatedaffects it brings about in the process. It a very funny and yeteducative film on the psychological disorders often experienced by alarger percentage of people in the real world. Through the movie, Iwas able to learn that an individual can experience multiplepsychological disorders and in the process help dispel the myth thatonly a single disorder is experienced by mentally ill persons.Therefore this movie is a real portrait of multiple emotionalanxieties experienced by several people in our society.


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