Week 5-Discussion

Week 5-Discussion



Feministethics and Aristotle’s ethics are different in that feminine ethicsare usually motivated by the notion that men usually think in amasculine manner while women usually think in feminine terms (Held,1993). Alternatively, Aristotle’s ethics are usually dependent onethical judgments and are more radical in evaluating actions. Threevirtues from feminist ethics include the ability to nurture,patience, and self-sacrifice. On the other hand, virtues fromAristotle’s ethics include compassion, kindness, and benevolence.These virtues are similar in that they all focus of bringing goodconsequences that is, these virtues are not meant to harm or hurtindividuals. However, the virtues are different in that the virtuesfrom feminist ethics are motivated by the idea that some actions areassociated with masculinity while others are related to femininity.

Accordingto the feminist ethics, virtuous actions are likely to differ betweenmen and female (Held, 1993). The argument is that virtuous actions ofmen are usually associated with masculinity for example, men areusually associated with the virtue of autonomy and justice.Alternatively, virtuous actions of females are usually associatedwith femininity for instance, women are associated with the virtueof caring. Therefore, a wise man and a wise woman would be judged bywhat he/she do based on masculine and feminine ascription. Accordingto the feminist ethics, there is a difference amid a virtuous motherand a virtuous father. A virtuous mother would follow femininevirtues while virtuous father would follow masculine virtues(DesAutels &amp Whisnant, 2010). I think there should be nodifference in standards for men and women in setting virtues this isbecause there may be subjection of the self to certain virtues whichis not a good idea.


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