Week 4 Discussion Misfortunes and Happiness

Week 4 Discussion Misfortunes and Happiness


Week4 Discussion: Misfortunes and Happiness

Week4 Discussion: Misfortunes and Happiness 2

Froma philosophical point of view, a happy life is in one in which thepleasures surpass the sufferings and pain. However, many peopledefine a happy life as one characterized by massive wealth andfinancial prosperity (Mason, 2009). I will support Aristotle`sargument that people cannot flourish and live a happy life whilesuffering terrible misfortunes. Many people believe that by strivinghard, one succeeds in life and lives a good and happy life. However,one can strive so hard and do everything right and fail to succeed orlive a happy life. For instance, a person can study hard and acquirea good degree, get professional qualifications, become a competentemployee but still fail to succeed. The above example emphasizesAristotle`s` argument that apart from striving for a good life, luckplays a role in determining our success and happiness.

Idisagree with Plato’s argument that doing well enables peopleattain happiness in life. From experience, I will concur withAristotle that a degree of luck plays a role in determining ourhappiness in life. According to Aristotle, people have control overtheir happiness but it can be affected by external situations such asbad luck (Mason, 2009). According to Allmark (2013), Aristotleinsisted on the importance of virtues such as courage andindustriousness for a better life and achievement of happiness.However, insisted that people require some good fortune to evadeexternal misfortunes such as diseases, war, earthquakes that cansignificantly damage happiness and a prosperous life. I will concludeby pointing out that while happiness is related to a good life, greatmisfortunes can hinder or completely destroy the happiness of aprosperous person.


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