Week 4 Discussion 2 Success and Failures at Demonstrating or Lacking a Virtue

Week 4 Discussion 2 Success and Failures at Demonstrating or Lacking a Virtue


Week4 Discussion 2: Success and Failures at Demonstrating or Lacking aVirtue

Honestis a virtue that is of great importance to an individual. From myperspective, honesty is not just a virtue, but a trait thatguarantees the presence of all other desirable qualities in a person.According to Tracy(2001), in today’s highly competitive business arena, honesty is animportant value not only for business leaders but also the employees.Honesty enables a person to distinguish between right and wrong andavoid indulging in the wrong. Honesty in an individual or even in thebusiness environment sets a foundation for success (Tracy, 2001).

Agood example of success resulting from honesty can be explained bythe rise and prosperity of Jon Huntsman, a multibillionairebusinessman (Scott, 2015). Huntsman has written the book “WinnersNever Cheat”. In this book, he narrates stories of success from hisexperiences. He started a Chemical Company some years back anddespite various challenges, he did not compromise his principles ofhonesty and integrity. According to Tracy, honesty business leaderslead by example and maintain open communication with the employees onevery change being implementing in the organization (2001). Huntsmanconfesses in his book that the virtue of honesty and integrity havemade him as successful as he is currently.

Accordingto Scott (2015), the Enron Company based in America is a good exampleof failures that result from lack of integrity. For several years,the Company was cited as one of the most innovative and daringAmerican companies. However, its success was short-lived since theCEO of the company made dirty deals with influential politicians inAmerica to achieve success. As a prudent and honest person, Enron’sCEO should have been transparent and worked hard to earn cleansuccess without any kind of corruption or malicious deals.


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