Week 1 Discussion 2 Post Response

Week 1 Discussion 2 Post Response


Week1 Discussion 2 Post Response

Responseto post by Sean Youmans

SeanYoumans suggests that all the four forms of interventions used toassist children of deployed parents, caregivers and teachers wereequally important because each intervention approach served aspecific purpose to meet the different needs of patients. Theoccupational therapist, Danielle, used all the interventions to helpthe patients to improve their mental health and cope with theirsituations. I agree with this post because all the interventionshelped to address different needs of different patients involved.Different patients had different personalities, attitudes andinterests (Gutman, 2011). Therefore, different interventions wouldwork on different patients because each intervention would addressspecific situations. For example, the context-based interventionapproach focuses on cultural, social or physical contexts. Patientswith specific physical problems were treated in a physicalintervention context while those affected by cultural factors aretreated using cultural-based interventions. However, I think thatevidence-based intervention should be used more intensively becauseit can effectively determine the best therapeutic approaches thathave worked effectively in other situations.

Evidenceshould be used to identify the occupations and interventions thatwill engage their minds and interests, and help them to overcomemental problems. Since the vignette addressed in this post involvesmental problems of children of deployed parents, it is important tofind evidence of best approaches to engage the minds of such patientsand help them to cope with their situations, and reduce mentalproblems. These patients often experience quiet impulsiveness andanxiety whose intervention approaches can effectively be developedthrough research evidence (Gutman, 2011). This intervention alsosupports the effectiveness of setting A by encouraging collaborationof occupational therapists through research.


Gutman,S.A. (2011). Special Issue: Effectiveness of Occupational TherapyServices in Mental Health Practice. AmericanJournal of Occupational Therapy,65, 235-237