Walmart Visit and 4P Analysis

Walmart Visit and 4P Analysis


WalmartVisit and 4P Analysis

Thesuccess of a retail store in a specific location depends on theeffectiveness of the management in implementing the main aspects ofmarketing for the business. Among the various aspects of marketingthat apply to a retail store, Price, Product, Promotion and Place arethe most significant aspect that relate to the success of theoperations of Walmart. To explore this theme, I visited the localWalmart retail grocery store in Michigan. During the visit, I took acareful observation, noted the findings and did some analysis aboutthe store, based on the 4ps of marketing mix. The followingdiscussion presents the findings of the report to illustrate theeffectiveness of the application of the 4ps of marketing by Walmartin Michigan.

ThePlace Strategy

  1. Name and Store

Thename of the Walmart store that I selected in Michigan State is“Walmart Supercenter.” The location of the Walmart Supercenterstore is in the address 5780 Franklin Street in the Michigan City.The store is a national chain store that stocks retail products allover the United States.

  1. Location

Theoperations of the Walmart Supercenter store are effective in thislocation because it has utilized the place strategy competitively.The location in the 5780 Franklin Street Michigan City is goodbecause it is near many customers and the place is served well byroads for logistics. The store is proximal to the customers, whichexplains why many people are visiting it compared to other stores. Atthe location, there are other business enterprises like wholesaleshops and food chains around the 5780 Franklin Street. Thesecontribute to the place strategy by attracting more customers to theWalmart. The store is in a perfect location where the street does nothave a lot of traffic, especially the one on the way exiting thestore.

  1. Customers

TheMichigan Walmart Supercenter has customers from the middle classearners, but with a significant proportion of customers being thehigh end income earners. In my three visits to the store, I found alot of wealthy people shopping at the store, as I evaluated thehigh-end cars that were parked at the customer section of the store’sparking lot. I also found more of the shoppers being young familieswith people in their late thirties and early forties. The storeattracts various occupations, mostly the working class people whowork around the Michigan City.

  1. Competitor

Thereare a few retail stores that compete with the Walmart Supercentergrocery in the Walmart Supercenter in the 5780 Franklin Street. Oneof them is the Michigan City Grocery Stores, which is located in thesame street. The Michigan City Grocery Store serves middle levelincome customers more than it is appealing to the high end customers.Other competitors include Traders Joes, the Harris Teeter and theWhole Foods Market. However, the Walmart Supercenter competescompetitively with these stores because it serves a wide range ofcustomers, from the high income earners and the middle incomeearners.

  1. Operational organization

Theoperations of the Walmart Supercenter store are effective mostlybecause of the organization of the departments in the enterprise.Different types of products are distinctively organized, each type inits own location and section. Of all the sections in the store, thebest organized is the grocery section. All the fresh fruits,vegetables, grains and other grocery items are well organized into acolorful and appealing section. However, I found the meat section notas appealing as the others. This is because the meat is not organizedin a more attractive manner to the customer. To improve theoperations in this section, I propose an arrangement where all typesof meat are organized well to create some appeal.


  1. Price

Thepricing strategy of the Walmart Supercenter store is low marginpricing strategy. This is because the company is a national chainstore and enjoys the economies of scale in buying their products.Therefore, it makes it possible for the chain store to have a lowmargin strategy. The prices of the products are therefore competitivecompared to other products at the store. To test the pricingstrategy, I decided to compare the price of a packet of biscuits atWalmart Supercenter store with the price of the same packet atanother retail store. I realized that the price of the packet wascheaper in Walmart Supercenter that in the other store.

TheProduct Strategy

  1. Private labels

Therewas a very low presence of private label products in the WalmartSupercenter store. This is because the store has the ability tomaintain its own brands and develop its own retail products such asbakery, meat and dry groceries. I able to observe a number ofbakeries and dry grocery products that were branded with the brandnames of the Walmart Supercenter store, all bearing the nationalbrand name of Walmart. However, there are some other brands that Inoticed. In the meat section, there were different brands like thePurdue’s Fresh Chicken and the Sara Lee Deli chicken among otherbrands.

ThePromotion Strategy

Thepromotional aspect of the Walmart Supercenter store in Michigan is animportant element of their organization and appealing to theircustomers. Each section has a number of attendants who arrange theproducts and ensure that their order is attractive to the customers.

  1. In-store merchandising

Theproduct displays are done by these attendants who ensure that allproducts of the same type are well arranged in their own section.Promotional materials provided by the specified staff, and alsoattached at the sections with the products that these promotionalmaterials relate to. At Walmart Supercenter, the branddifferentiation is implemented by an arrangement where differentbrands have their own sub-section, in a bigger section, and that theydo not mix up. The members of staff located in each section ensurethat these techniques work smoothly for the advantage of store.

  1. Display techniques

Oneof the techniques at the store is themed sections of the store. Whilethe entire Walmart Supercenter store is themed in the unique and thecharacteristic Walmart colors, each section has a dominant theme.These themes are attractive in accordance with the type of theproduct. For instance the bakery section is attractively themed toreflect a normal bakery. Another technique is the use of large labelsfor the Walmart brands compared to the other private manufacturers’brands. In addition, the Walmart Supercenter store uses neonlightings and digital signs to label the sections of each of theproducts. This makes it easy for the customer to find the section andshop.

  1. Store Offerings

Thestore has a wide variety of offerings in terms of heat meals andready-to eat meals. These offerings are excellently done and wellserved to the customers. They are effectively served which makes moreconvenient than the fast food stores. This is because the offeringssection is located in a convenient location in the WalmartSupercenter store. This may be the reason why I noticed that peopleprefer buying ready-made foods at the Walmart Supercenter storerather than at the food stores. For this reason, the WalmartSupercenter competes better with the food chains around the 5780Franklin Street.

  1. Advertising by the Store

Theadvertising by the store is massively done both at the state leveland the national level. This is one of the reasons why Walmartmaintains a competitive advantage over the other chain stores in the5780 Franklin Street, in the Michigan City and in the entire UnitedStates. The advertising is done in the conventional media like TV,radio and print media, on the billboards around the Michigan City andon the streets near the 5780 Franklin Street. This advertisement isevidently competitive and outdoes other competing retail stores inthe region. These advertising techniques are effective in attractingconsumers into the store, both at the 5780 Franklin Street and in theentire city.

  1. Customer Service

Thestore operates for a 24 hours and the customer service desk is alwaysopen for all the time when the store is open. This makes itcompetitive to the other stores that are not open for such longhours. The Walmart Supercenter also has a fully functional websitepage that is different from the other stores in the city and in thecountry. These services serve the customer well by offering anall-time customer response service for all customer queries.

  1. Technologies Adapted

TheWalmart Supercenter store has adopted complex and effectivetechnologies in the display function, the promotional function andthe billing function among other functions at the store. The storeregularly updates its pricing and billing systems with the modernpoint of sale software and gadgets. This is effective in making theexperience of the customer better in buying and paying for products.

  1. Overall effectiveness

Theoverall operations of the Walmart Supercenter store are effective andcompetitively implemented. The store is located in a nice place andstocks the necessary products by stocking many types and brands atdifferent sections for easy shopping. The pricing of the products ismarginally low and competitive in the industry and the promotionalstrategy is effective. If I was the owner, I would inject morecapital in the payment systems so to increase the effectiveness ofthe point of sale function. This will reduce the number of customersin the cue and the time taken to buy products at the store.


Theeffectiveness in the implementation of the strategies in place,price, product and promotion leads to the effective operations of theWalmart Supercenter store in Michigan City. The store iscompetitively located in the 5758 Franklin Street and has adopted acompetitive pricing strategy. In addition, to these two, the storehas extensive promotion and advertisement that has effectivelymarketed the different products in stock. This illustrates the themethat proper implementation of the 4ps of the marketing mix leads toan effective and competitive business enterprise.