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Anorganization’s success is measured by the extent to which its goalsand objectives are achieved. Intrinsically, this is through theproductivity of the employees and extrinsically it is through thesatisfaction of their customers. Today’s human resource managementhas realized the importance of investing in their employees in termsof enhancing their talents and abilities so as to better achievetheir goals and objectives[ CITATION Geo03 l 1033 ]. is one such organization. This reportcomprehensively analyzes all the operations of bylooking at its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Moreso, we give an overview of the products and services offered as wellas the composition of their staff.

VerizonWireless founded in 2000 in Bedminster, New Jersey, USA. It was borneout of the joint venture between Bell Atlantic, an American phonecompany and Vodafone Group, a U.K. based company. At the same period,Bell Atlantic merged with GTE to become Verizon Communications owning55% of while Vodafone owned 45%. In 2014, VerizonCommunications became the sole owner of . Thiscompany continues to grow as it acquires other phone companiesexpanding its scope of operations and it is one of the largestwireless companies in the USA [ CITATION Ste00 l 1033 ].

Verizonprovides modern day wireless cellular network services to more than135 million subscribers. Its wireless network has eased communicationby providing home and office phone services. More so, it hassupplemented the use of mobile phones as an essential tool ofcommunication today in terms of calls, text messages and data. also provides internet services for mobile phones,homes and also offices. Their high speed internet is fast andreliable and is thus convenient for today’s consumer data needs. Inaddition, Verizon has collaborated with entertainment providers suchas Time Warner Company to provide television cable services. Bytaking advantage of the internet, Verizon has successfullytransformed the television experience.

VerizonWireless has also set up stores in majority of the states where theyprovide reliable devices. Verizon has teamed up with renowned mobilephone companies to supply mobile phones, tablets and i-pads. Home andoffice phone solutions are also available at Verizon stores. Internetdevices such as modems and broadband routers are also available atthese stores, together with other accessories such as the Jetpack,gears and i-pods. Additionally, Verizon has invested in developingapplications to assist in all fields such as education,entertainment, sports and wellness.

Verizon’smission is to enable people and businesses to communicate with eachother, and to provide full and open communication with its customersand employees. Its main goal is to maintain respectful leadership incommunication by stretching product and technological innovation. Thestrategic plan of Verizon is anchored on expansion of networkprovision in cellular phones and data provision. Verizon aspires toexpand its geographical coverage thus reach all its potentialclients. Data needs are exponentially growing in demand and thusVerizon aspires to provide all homes and offices with their fastinternet. In addition, Verizon aims at having quality digitalcustomer service.

VerizonCommunication Incorporation has heavily invested in their staff. Ledby the CEO Ivan G. Seidenberg, Verizon has a strong managerial teamcovering all human resources, strategy, marketing, technology, publicaffairs and finance. Regular trainings and motivational talks are toimprove the employees’ abilities personally and professionally.More importantly, Verizon focuses on nurturing young talent which isvibrant with ideas for growth and innovation. By creating a conduciveworking environment alongside provision of benefits such ashealthcare and daycare services, Verizon is able to achieve its goalsby creating employee loyalty.

Verizonis a well-known reliable brand and this gives it an advantage interms of marketing. In addition, Verizon has cooperated withdifferent companies and this has made it financially firm. Thecompany can also improve its financial status by reducing debts andcutting down on unnecessary expenditure. The ever increasing demandfor wireless broadband gives Verizon an opportunity to fill thisdemand gap. However, to stay relevant Verizon wireless needs to stayupdated on new technology. They need to regularly revise their modeof operation so as to remain competent in their industry [ CITATION Geo03 l 1033 ].

In2014 Verizon subscribers discovered that wastracking them without their consent using the ‘supercookie’technology. This raised a lot of controversy as subscribers feltbetrayed. It also raised legal eyebrows on whether this operation wasjustified in law. However, early this year, Verizon corrected this bygiving their customers freedom in that they could choose whether ornot to allow tracking [ CITATION Gle13 l 1033 ].

Inconclusion, has a great potential to grow. Rapidadvancement in technology translates to accelerated demand forwireless networks and therefore Verizon should take this opportunityto further establish their niche. Creating an international marketis a risk Verizon Communications should take. More importantly,Verizon should invest in their employees to ensure its success notonly as a high profit firm, but also as a loyal and secure employer.


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