Verizon Wireless Talent Pool

Verizon Wireless Talent Pool

VerizonWireless Talent Pool


VerizonWireless Talent Pool

Theinvestment in the human capital has become one of the key aspectsdefining the modern global economy in companies. Human resource hasbeen on the look to attract, hire, develop as well as retain the besttalents in accordance with the organizational objectives, and goals.Not only the technology related industries has recognized the needfor strategic investment so as attract and retain top talents butalso other organizations that are concerned with employee’sproductivity being at the top most level. With reference to the Part1 already completed earlier, “Today’shuman resource management has realized the importance of investing intheir employees in terms of enhancing their talents and abilities soas to better achieve their goals and objectives”the employees in any organization are a key element of success.

Today’smanagerial, as well as the human resource departments inorganizations have adopted modern day strategies in regard tohandling their evolving employees. This is in line with changemanagement which needs to be implemented in organizations which wishto remain relevant and competent. In essence, today’s employees areregarded as the main stakeholders in an organization’s success[ CITATION Joh06 l 1033 ].They are thus treated as vital assets to any entity so as to aligntheir interests to those of their employers. This is deemed as thekey to successfully achieving an organization’s goals andobjectives. To clearly understand the topic on return on investmentin the employee group, we focus on talent segmentation anddevelopment of critical talent. More specifically, we focus onVerizon Wireless, a modern day wireless cellular network serviceprovider, as was explained in step 1 of this project. Therefore, bythe end of this report one should clearly understand the contributionof talent to the success ofVerizon Wireless.

Talentsegmentation and differentiation is the division of employees intosmaller groups which contribute similar and unique skills andcapabilities which ultimately contribute to the growth anddevelopment of an organization. The common practice is to divide theemployees in terms of performance, educational background or the joblevel. On the other hand, some organizations prefer blended groupsaimed at diversification of ideas. For talent investment to reap infull measure there is need for talent management. Talent managemententails creating a high performance and sustainable employee entity.To aid in this, talent management systems software has been adoptedin many organizations to evaluate hiring, performance, developmentand compensation [ CITATION EdM01 l 1033 ].

Acentral area of interest in talent management is pivotal talentpooling. This involves charging specific employees with specificresponsibilities which are in line with their abilities and more sotheir talents. This goes hand in hand with talent segmentation andmanagement. To successfully pool pivotal talents an organization mustconsider several factors. To begin with, it must consider its goalsand objectives. In this case, Verizon aims at maintaining respectfulleadership in communication. Therefore, their pivotal talent isrooted on leaders who are innovative technologically. Additionally, apivotal talent pool should have strategies in line with theorganizations goals and objectives. More importantly the organizationshould consider externalities to their pivotal talent pool. Verizonuses its strategic change of operations to deal with evolvingtechnology. The staff on the other hand, are regularly trained andshuffled to deal with the existing business environment, especiallyso to keep up with other competitors [ CITATION Joh05 l 1033 ].

VerizonWireless has invested heavily in a talent acquisition of the humanresource team. The organization has established itself strongly bysetting up different branches all over the country. In each, there isa human resource personnel charged solely with the responsibility ofsourcing talent in existing and potential employees. This means thattalent is sought while hiring and also identified from existingemployees who show exemplary performance in their tasks. This isimportant in talent segmentation as strong teams are formed withrespect to this prior knowledge. This is especially useful to Verizongiven the ever changing nature of technology, which is the backboneof its operations. One of the key aspects or merits related to thestrong talent acquisition program developed by the Verizon Wirelessis that it helps in establishing competitive advantage over itscompetitors. Other gains entail getting the right people for the job,and diversity.

TheVerizon Innovative App Challenge gives high school students anopportunity to develop mobile apps. Winners of the App Challenge, getan opportunity to work with top engineers in developing real appssold in the market. This is not only an important corporate socialresponsibility act, but also a strategic platform to nurture anddevelop young talent. In 2013, Resaca Middle School in Texas won withits Hello Navi app which helped impaired students navigate their wayin the school compound. Ultimately, some of these exemplary studentsare recruited into Verizon Wireless as strategic talent banks. Withthe development and enactment of such platforms for developing andnurturing talents, it enables organizations to keep hold of theirhighly coveted talent among the employees. In addition to helping inemployee management, it also helps in attracting more employees.

Thequestion on whether the talent management at Verizon Wireless hasachieved its maximum potential is a contentious issue. This isbecause there have been technical weaknesses in the implementation ofthe desired talent sourcing strategies. The main constraint issourcing of the pivotal talent pools for financial gain rather thanfor innovative and inventive purposes. Short term lucrative talentpools are deemed superior to long term innovative strategic plans.This superficial perspective has locked out potential talent banksfrom implementing their visions. Additionally, Verizon Wireless hasnot adequately sourced its talent pool from a diversifiedenvironment. Verizon does not cover the whole of the United States,which limits its exposure to different employee groups.Diversification of employees is an important platform for pivotaltalent pooling, and therefore Verizon should aim at expanding theiroperations so as to not only cover greater markets, but also toaccess a wide scope talent pool the world over.

Inconclusion the pro-active identification of talent is critical to afirm’s success. The talents should however be clearly analyzedbefore being matched to the positions. The ultimate positive outcomeis to have a sustainable competitive advantage by earning the loyaltyof employees, as well as helping develop their talents. As evidencedby its prior performance, Verizon Wireless has a great potential togrow into the world’s telecommunication leader. Continued input ofthe talent pool into the employee population, together with constantrenewal of the human resource infrastructure, will ensure exponentialgrowth and development of Verizon Wireless. Employee satisfaction isone of the kingpins of a successful organization.


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