Vaccination Student`s

Vaccination Student`s





Vaccinationis the administering of microorganisms, living attenuated organismsto produce or artificially increase immunity against a specificinfection. The vaccination against Rubella, Measles, and Mumps (RMM)Vaccine is recommended for all the children before joining theschool. The vaccine protects the children from the three diseases andit is recommended for the age between twelve months and six years fortwo dosages.

Accordingto Edelman, Mandle &amp Kudzma, MMR vaccination has a number ofadvantages hence important for the healthy development of thechildren at their tender age. The vaccination prevents against fataldiseases that may result in the development of serious conditions,especially to the children. The vaccination contains the weakenedversions of measles, mumps, and rubella triggers the immune system toproduce antibodies to help fight the infections in case they arediscovered in the body (Edelman, Mandle &amp Kudzma, 2013).

Inascertaining to Tulchinsky &amp Varavikova, MMR vaccination ishowever not encouraged below the age of six months since the mothermay have contracted it during the childbirth hence not effective. Thepregnant mothers are also not eligible for this vaccination as it maylead to complications for the unborn infant (Tulchinsky &ampVaravikova, 2014). However, the vaccination is encouraged for themothers planning to become pregnant within the next four weeks toprotect the child. Hence the need to educate these mothers is ofgreat importance to the society.

Inreview of the results by Koh &amp Sebelius, the infections whichinclude measles affects various parts of the body which include thelungs and brains starts as a single fever and a running nose beforespreading to the entire body. The mumps, on the other hand, affectsthe brain lining and the spinal cord swell as the testicles throughthe spread of the virus in the body. Finally is the rubella infectionthat affects the children at a very tender age. The infection maylead to damages such as deafness and mental retardation (Koh &ampSebelius, 2010).

Inconclusion, the MMR vaccination is quite critical for the children attheir tender age to avoid these infections that may lead to a worsescenario such as death. The provision of civil education at thecommunity level to the community through the use of social forumswould increase the awareness of the vaccination importance.


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