University of Miami

University of Miami

Universityof Miami

The is among the elite Universities established aboutninety years ago. The is located in the USA, 1320South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables with its nearest metropolitan areabeing Miami. ’s surrounding includes a largetown with the school taking an approximate area of two hundred andthirty-nine acres. 59.2 and 87.8 are the low and high-temperatureaverages respectively, with the location receiving an estimate of onehundred and thirty-one rainy days per annum. In terms of the latitudeand longitude, is at the latitude of 25.717396and longitude of -80.278130 and an elevation of seven feet(, Coral Gables, Florida, USA, n.d).

TheSouthern Florida location presents a conducive environment for thestudents as well as the community, with its ideal location proving tobe vital and engaging for outdoor activities. The three main reasonswhy the location is perfect for the includes theease of accessibility, friendly environment supporting In-class andout-of-class activities and a favorable Metropolitan area. Ease ofaccess is facilitated by the presence of an airport, just five milesaway from the Miami campus, train station at twelve miles and thenearest bus station at a one-mile distance from the Coral Gablescampus.

Universityof Miami’s location is ideal for recreational activities. The factis promoted by the presence of nearby national park, beaches, waterbodies, and sports centers. Students can engage in sports at thenearby sports and cultural center together with the friendlycommunity in the surrounding.

Asa premier research centre ’s current site is themost favorable location. Given the resources available, surroundingcommunity and infrastructure, as well as the flexible locationcovering a broad area of more than 200 acres, there is no other placethat best suits the institution. A place that combines efficientinfrastructure concerns with an impeccable society and favorableweather conditions is the best place for learning activities, all ofthat are seen in the current location.


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