United States and Chinese Cultures

United States and Chinese Cultures

UnitedStates and Chinese Cultures

Issuespertaining to culture have always been drawn immense debate. Thisshould not be surprising given the fundamental nature of culture, aswell as the variations between the cultures of different countries.More often than not, the debate revolves around whether theprovisions of a particular culture are superior and possibly moreappropriate compared to others. Of course, this is bound to produceimmense debate given than any society has a basis or foundation onwhich its cultures are found. Further, the cultures of differentsocieties are shaped by their experiences over a period of time,which means it is always different from that of other cultures, andthat other societies are unlikely to understand why they matter orwhy things are done in that particular way. Having had a chance toobserve the American and the Chinese cultures, it is extremelydifficult to determine which one is more superior than the otherespecially given that each of them has a basis for its way of doingthings. Nevertheless, I have acknowledged that individuals in theChinese and American societies have quite some positive aspects thatthey can learn from and teach each other.

Oneof the most fundamental lessons that a person from China can offer anAmerican is about the importance of the group over and above theindividual. The Chinese culture, probably as a result of thesocialism and communism policies, usually pushes for group collectivethan individualism. Individuals in China have a higher likelihood toexamine the manner in which their actions affect the whole ratherthan the effects of the same on them as individuals. This means thatthey are considerably more willing to sacrifice and give up certainthings for the common good unlike their American counterparts. TheAmerican culture leans more towards individualism, which has been thefoundation for its success and stature, as well as a cause forconflict with other societies and cultures.

Inaddition, Americans have much to learn from the Chinese with regardto morals, which the Chinese society places in high regard. Indeed,some of the things that may not draw attention from the Americansociety would be a big deal in the Chinese culture. For instance,marriage is discouraged until late twenties, with dating beingdiscouraged in the lives of young adults. Americans are much morerelaxed with parents being more lenient, leading to the breakdown ofthe moral fabric.

However,the Chinese can learn quite a lot from Americans. Key among thelessons would be about time sensitivity. This is especially ininstances where individuals are in business, where time is always ofthe essence. A large number of Americans are extremely time sensitiveas far as deadlines and meetings are concerned. This could be one ofthe reasons for their success in business and other endeavors unliketheir Chinese counterparts who perceive time merely as a suggestionrather than an absolute. Further, the Americans can teach the Chineseabout the limits for respect and honor, especially where the truthabout particular issues needs to be spoken. The Chinese would learnto be more accommodative of other people’s opinions even ininstances where the opinions are not in line with a person’saspirations and goals, or even the things that he or she holds dear.