Understanding Movies

Understanding Movies



Theindustry of film making has gained its momentum over the pastcenturies. It is such a vast an industry that has changed mostpeople’s lives. A film or a movie can be used to show quite anumber of themes and display what happens in the society. They are aswell used as a source of enjoyment and stress relieving wheneversomeone is filled up with many stresses of life. The most importantthing about movies is that they have a hidden message that most ofthem try to pass across to the society. Various films have variousthemes ranging from political, social, and even entertainment. Thispaper focuses on the movie “Revenge”. The main theme in thismovie is vengeance and family.

“Revenge”is a series movie that focuses on the family entity and itsimportance in the society. This movie revolves around two familiesthat seem to have rooted animosity for each other. This is a moviethat is casted in the Hamptons. The main actors of this movie areEmily Thorne, and Jack. The people of Hamptons seem to be living aquiet and serene life until an arrival of one of their own. EmilyThorne comes back to Hamptons with an aim of taking revenge oneveryone that had wronged her family in the past. She stops atnothing to achieve her aim of destroying each and every one that hada hand in her father’s supposed death and her mother’sdisappearance. Wealth, beauty and status define the people who livein the Hamptons. But one woman seeking revenge could destroy it all.Emily Thorne lived in the Hamptons until an incident ruined herfamily and their reputation, forcing them out of town. Years later,she has returned to her old neighborhood, blendingin with the citizens and making friends, not letting on that she haslived there before. In an effort to right some of the past wrongs,she plotsrevenge on those who wronged her and her entire family, andshe doesn`t care at what cost.

Accordingto the movie, Emily Thorne was born in Hamptons 18 years ago. Shecame from a very wealthy family but her father was unjustlyimprisoned for causing a very serious accident that caused deaths ofmany people. She grew up in various foster homes until she was takento juvenile because of being rude to her foster mother and supposedlyburning a cabinet. While in juvenile, she harbored very bad thoughtsabout her father because of what she had been told. She knew that herfather, David Clerk, was a murder. Moreover, she as well met a girl,who became her ally in this movie in carrying out revenge. Sheexchanged her real name for the name of this girl. Her name changedfrom Amanda Clerk to Emily Thorne. When she turned 18, she wasreleased from the Juvenile only to find her father’s best friend,Nolan, waiting for her. Nolan gave Emily money that her father hadleft for her. This money and wealth was what made Emily seek revengeafter her family’s enemies after learning the whole truth fromNolan.

EmilyThorne’s journey of carrying out revenge on everyone that hadwronged her started here, with the help of Nolan. She went back toHamptonsunder the name Emily Thorne and bought her father’s house. Shestarted her revenge with the family of Conrad. She made Conrad’sson, Daniel to fall in love with her so that she can get the insightof Victoria’s family. Victoria is Conrad’s wife.

Emilyrealized that Conrad was untouchable due to his status in thesociety. She decided to use Daniel’s love to bring the whole familydown, especially Victoria and Conrad. The theme of politicaladvantage is reflected when Conrad is protected due to his politicalas well as social status in the Hamptons.Being a politician and a very wealthy businessman, it was almostimpossible for Emily Thorne to bring down Conrad. Conrad used hispolitical influence and affluence to do very nasty things in thesociety. The same political influence and affluence acted as aprotecting measure for him and his loved ones.

Beforeshe went away, Emily Thorne was in love with Jack since she wasyoung. She never stopped loving Jack even when she came back. Buteven her love for jack was not strong enough to stop her fromcarrying out her vengeance on every one that wronged her.

EmilyThorne started her revenge by taking their Hamptons house backfromConrad’s lover, who also happened to be Victoria’s bestfriend. Emily exposed her in front of Victoria pretending not to knowanything. Victoria was so furious that she made an arrangement tochase her best friend away from the Hamptons. Emily’s plan worked.Daniel also fell in love with Emily, which was the worst mistake hewould have done.

Forthe love of her family, Victoria objected the relationship betweenEmily and her son Daniel. Victoria was very skeptical about EmilyThorne so she had her investigated. At first, it was not easy forVictoria’s detectives to know the real identity of Emily Thorne.But when Emily realized that she was almost being discovered, thoughindirectly, she killed the secret detective hired by Victoria.Revenge consumed Emily Thorne to her core. The social theme is soconspicuous here when Victoria wants to protect her family at allcosts. She has made sure that Daniel does not get any closer toanyone that does not come from her family class. For instance, Sarah,who was the former girlfriend of Daniel, came from a humblebackground. This made Victoria not to like her and she did everythingpossible to separate them.Differences in their social classes couldnot allow Victoria to accept Sarah even though her son Daniel lovedher so much. The theme of social disparity is seen in this movieespecially at this point.

Themovie shows as well political theme when the writer, who happens toknow the whole truth about David Clerk and Victoria, ignores to writethe truth about Who David Clerk really was. He instead chooses toliaise with Victoria and Conrad in saying that David Clerk was amurderer even though he knew that David was innocent. Due to thepolitical influence and affluence of Conrad and Victoria, the writerchose to support them in their lie. The theme of revenge comes in atthis point when Emily Thorne realizes that the writer knew the wholetruth about her father. She decides to arrange with Nolan so that thewriter will go out on a date with Nolan. While on the date, Emilysneaks into the writer’s house and causes a deliberate fire todestroy everything that the writer had written about her dad. Eventhough investigated, there was no enough evidence to show that EmilyThorne caused that fire. She was so careful in her plans that it wasconcluded that the fire was caused by a cigar that had beenaccidentally left burning.

Emilydid not spare anyone who seemed to be an obstacle to her mission ofrevenge. Due to her great desire to quench her thirst of revenge,many innocent people became her victims. For instance, Douglas,Jack’s young brother, lost his life because of that. Even thoughthis is seen as Conrad’s plan, the author of all these was Emily.Conrad would not let his ‘good’ name and political ambition bedragged in the mud because of Emily. When he realized that EmilyThorne’s main mission was to stop at nothing until she had avengedher father’s death, he became so unscrupulous and violent.Amanda,Emily Thorne’s friend from the juvenile also lost her life becauseof Emily’s plan of revenge. Amanda had married Jack in pretense ofthe real Amanda Clerk, who was now Emily Thorne. When Emily realizedthat Jack was happy with Amanda and that Amanda loved jack, shedecided to help Amanda in winning over jack through telling hereverything that happened when they were still young. Amanda had a sonwith Jack and was killed when trying to save Jack from being killed.

Emilydid not hesitate to eliminate her friend who was working atVictoria’s house. When Emily realized that her friend was in lovewith Daniel, she schemed so that Victoria could throw her out of thehouse. She was successful in this as well.

Thesocial theme is so vivid here as well when Victoria discriminatesJack’s family and Amanda due to their social status. Things did notwork in her favor when her daughter Charlotte fell in love withDouglas. Victoria tried everything possible to separate her daughterfrom Douglas. This led into her daughter hating her so much when sherealized that Douglas had died because of her mother’s schemes toseparate them. Emily Thorne took advantage of the situation to createa drift between Charlotte and her mother Victoria. Emily never wantedVictoria to be happy because, according to her, Victoria was the maincourse of David Clerk’s death. Strong theme of social class isreflected here.

WhenEmily realized that Victoria had a relationship with her father DavidClerk and blamed him for an explosion of a ship, she swore never torelent on her journey of revenge. Her own life was put at risk whenshe was short but still she did not give up. She still wanted to getcloser to Daniel so she schemed again to separate Sarah, who hadreturned in Daniel’s life as his girlfriend. She managed toseparate them and this somehow caused Daniel’s death. Daniel diedwhile trying to protect Emily in a shootout that happened in Conrad’smansion.

Whenyou embark on the journey of revenge, make sure to dig two graves,one for your enemy and the other for you. Emily Thorne lost most ofher loved ones just because of revenge. She later realized that herfather was actually alive and her mother as well.