Two questions to answer

Two questions to answer


Twoquestions to answer


Thereare several reasons why the Spanish empire invaded South America andestablished colonies. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, SouthAmerica was ruled by the Inca Empire. For many years, before theearly 16thcentury when the first Spanish soldiers arrived in South America,there were numerous explorations by Spanish explorers. Historiansbelieve that the civil war that took place before the Spanishinvasion could have weakened the Inca Empire. Thus, the Spanishsought to exploit this weakness and capture some of its territories.The defeat of the Inca Empire enabled Spain to conquer other empiresin the Americas. Additionally, the Spanish wanted to introducedChristianity in South America and replace the misplaced traditionalreligions in the region which engaged in human sacrifice. Above all,the Spanish empire was interested in the rich natural resources inthe region. Spain was interested in gold and silver among othernatural resources which were used to build one of the most powerfulempires in the history of human kind (Castillo &amp Cohen, 2009).


Thereis no doubt that obesity is one of the most important health issuesfacing the modern healthy care system. Obesity in the United Stateshas reached epidemic levels due to the eating behaviors and choicesAmerican make. Some of these choices are subconsciously manipulatedby the environmental factors. I agree with the fact that thegovernment has a role to play in the reducing obesity epidemic.Obesity is identified as a leading cause of death in the modernsociety. This means that the government needs to do something aboutit. For example, the government can implement policies that eliminatefactors that subconsciously manipulate people to eat more or makewrong food choices such as misleading advertisements.


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