Transitioning From Closed To Open Systems

Transitioning From Closed To Open Systems

TransitioningFrom Closed To Open Systems

Nursesare authorized to administer quality and informed medical serviceseither independently or under authorized health centers. Problemsolving and decision making are two key issues that nurses have toput in consideration (Linda, 2013). When predicaments arise in ahealth organization it is crucial for nurses to effectively makeinformed decisions while addressing these problems. One of thenotable problems in Banner health care is patient safety and quality.In the recent past, Banner health center has experienced cases ofpatient insecurity where the center’s system was hacked andconfidential data on patients was reported to have been lost.

Accordingto the systems theory, a system is a set of elements interactingtogether for a common goal. A system in healthcare is viewed as agroup of professionals with the common aim of providing maximumhealth services (Elaine, 2013). Viewed from a closed systemperspective, the issue in Banner health can be understood asemanating from within the health center. This implies that the closedsystem perspective can easily lead to poor decision making. From anopen system perspective, the problem will be addressed in regards toother external parties in the environment. Through the open systemthere is a high possibility for the real culprits to be caught.According to Catherine (2012), the medical field is apparentlycharacterized by a transition from the traditional closed system tothe open system. The open system puts into consideration otherexternal factors that may affect an organization. It is thereforeparamount for all nurses to fully comprehend the importance of opensystem and the role that those outside the health organizations playin influencing the health of the patients. Adopting an open system byBanner health would therefore enhance patient safety by creatingsecured systems accessible to internal stakeholders only.


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