Transgenerational Therapy for Today`s Family Problems

Transgenerational Therapy for Today`s Family Problems

TransgenerationalTherapy for Today’s Family Problems

Transgenerationalfamily therapies are based on the notion that the present dayproblems emanate from ones family. One of the most reckonedtheorists, Murray Bowen, noted that patient’s behavior patterns arepassed in a family. The behavior of a person is greatly influenced bythe attachments that one had as an infant and the desire to belong asthey grow (Goldenberg &amp Goldenberg, 2013).

Familiesplay a significant role in laying the foundation of a person.Although people within the same family may have differentpersonalities, some traits are common among family members. Familiesare responsible for instilling beliefs, values, and rewards untochildren. This may have a greater impact on a person even when he orshe grows up and gets married. Therefore, a counselor should look atthe family background of his or her patients in order to establish aproblem. For instance, if there is a marital problem, the counselorshould look into details the lives of the patients back at home. Itis possible that the marital problem could be based on having grownin unstable family. For instance, a person who grows in a brokenmarriage may have a negative perception about marriage. He or she islikely to cause marital problems to greater extents. As such, thetherapist needs to look into such matters while trying to helppatients work on their marriage.

Transgenerationaltherapies have helped many patients to determine their problems infamilies and more so especially in marriages. The family of a personplays a great role in how they behave both as a child and as anadult. As such, focusing on the family of a patient is one the bestways of handling family problems at large (Carr, 2012).


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