Tourism Niches in Thailand

Tourism Niches in Thailand

TourismNiches in Thailand

Tourismniches refer to specialized marketing products channeled towardsmeeting needs of specific audience or market segment. Differentcountries employ various mechanisms to attract and sustain touristsdepending on their capabilities. For instance, particular types ofanimals, views among other attractive sites can only be found withincertain areas. In that respect, it is imperative to ascertain yourcountries capabilities and maximize on the available resources toattract and sustain tourists. This paper will look to outline nicheswithin Thailand. It will also give a detailed analysis of thesurrounding countries. Additionally, outlining how the nichesdescribe the tourism product within Thailand will be a majorundertaking within this paper.

Nicheswithin Thailand

Thailandis considered as the pioneer of medical tourism in Asia. It is theleader in this lucrative niche with tourist arrivals of roughly 40%of the total medical tourist in Asia in 2011. By this year i.e. 2015,the levels were expected to double as compared to 2011. Thailandboasts of a dense cultural heritage, personalized hospitality,affordable medical costs as well as medical facilities deemed asstate of art. The world class medical facilities have made Thailandto be a favorite destination for medical tourism [ CITATION And13 l 1033 ].

Thailandalso attracts weddings as well as honeymoons substantially. Thecountry has been considered as a top destination point forhoneymooners especially from Asian countries, Middle-East, Europe andthe U.S. Indian weddings are also a major attraction point withinThailand that attracts a lot of people thus generating incomesubstantially. The culture in Thailand is an attractive aspect thatdraws weddings. A single ceremony can be attended by roughly 400people or even more thereby generating lots of income in a short time[ CITATION Luc12 l 1033 ].

Accordingto the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Golf is another hugeniche market. According to their statistics, around 0.5million ofholiday goers visit every year just to play golf. This market isquite lucrative offering almost 3 times more cash than the rest ofthe markets. The country has embarked on improving this area bycreating more and more golf courses. By the year 2011, the countryhad roughly 260 golf courses across the country with an emphasis todevelop more to accommodate the ever expanding markets [ CITATION Luc12 l 1033 ].

Ecotourismforms another huge niche market in Thailand. It has been identifiedas a top market with support from various programs in Thailand. Forexample, the Seven Green Concepts and the Green Leaf Certificationprogram. By certifying hotels among other recreational avenues, thestandards are improved tremendously thus sustaining the tourists.Thailand offers numerous ecotourism activities such as cycling, birdwatching, canoeing, rock climbing, river cruising, village discoveryamong others. These activities are eco-friendly and nature based thusattracting a significant number of tourists [ CITATION Luc12 l 1033 ].

Anothercropping niche referred to as “unidentified traveler’s profile”entails the Lesbian and Gay (LGBT) market. According to insiderswithin the industry, LGBT is a potentially big spending niche market.The practice is normally handled in a low profile circumspect mannerhence information of the same is quite limited. Thailand isconsidered as one of the friendliest nations on Lesbian and Gaymatters across the world. The aim of Tourism Authority of Thailand isto maximize tourism hotspots but also be discreet on particularmatters considered sensitive [ CITATION Luc12 l 1033 ].


Thailandfaces lots of competition from neighboring countries in many tourismaspects. Malaysia is one such country boasting of a wide range ofactivities that attract tourists. One major tourist niche acrossMalaysia is the business sector. Many countries view Malaysia as oneof the top business destination [ CITATION Oxf13 l 1033 ].

Otherniche aspects across Malaysia include medical, wellness tourism andshopping as well as free sales. Most of the activities practicedwithin Malaysia are being practiced in the neighboring countriesintensifying competition even more. According to research, Thailandreceived around 3m fewer tourists as compared to Malaysia in 2012.However, Thailand earned around 50 percent more than Malaysia. Thisis mostly associated with the greater visitor spending in Thailandthan Malaysia [ CITATION Oxf13 l 1033 ].

Myanmaris another upcoming country in the tourism sector. It has a denseethnic culture as well as history offering niche experiencesunmatched by any other country. It is also strategically locatedalong middle class countries. The country has exceptional culturalsites among them beautiful beaches. The country mostly relies onuntapped avenues that can be broadened with appropriate investmentsinto the same [ CITATION Tou15 l 1033 ].

Othercompetitive Thailand neighbors include China, Philippines as well asIndia. All these countries boast of wide range activities that are amajor attraction. For instance, China is considered a majorinnovative country with a diverse cultural background. Theinfrastructures across the country make it a major attraction point.It also has a diverse cultural background that tends to form a vitalniche segment.


Severalaspects make Thailand an attractive destination for tourists. Themajor niche entails the medical area, where it is considered as apioneer of the same. Though it faces competition from the neighboringcountries, the sector still thrives due to appropriate mechanismsutilized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and other responsiblebodies.

Mostof the information within this document has been extracted fromjournals and other media that elaborate tourism acts across Asia. Asindicated above, the plans to improve the sector across Thailand arequite noble and achievable with time.


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