Thearticle is talking about the career of Tonya Harding, who was aprofessional figure, skater. It follows the great media attentionthat was paid to the lady due to issues related to her class andlifestyle in general. Her career was affected much by the mediacritic especially following the assault she made towards NancyKerrigan and drawing reference from her hard life background (FootePg., 3-4).

Theauthor of the article draws the argument from different sources andnewspaper articles. This is to bring the attention of the readers tothe popular view of the public concerning her public relation issue.I like the way the author draws attention to all parties in on oneoccasion he cites an interview Tonya participated.

Inconstructing the argument, the author does not hold the publicopinion but rather a use of facts to bring the thesis out. After theattack on Kerrigan, major newspaper headlines wrote about her classissue and particularly her weakness. The author acknowledges somestrength in Tonya particularly the hardship she underwent during herearly life and the determination she displayed to win her status(Foote Pg., 6, 10, 12).

Theclass issue is broadly defined to explain the failure by Tonya to bedisciplined and play her role in safeguarding her class as otherskaters including Kerrigan. Tonya was in a class of her own and moston the wrong side that is why she hit the headline of major papersfollowing her attack in 1994. The author concludes by using Tonyaexample as a point of understanding the issue of class anddifferentiating the same with other divisions (FootePg.,16). The organization of the article is exemplary, and the use ofsimple and understandable language enhances comprehension.


Foote,Stephanie. MAKINGSPORT OF TONYA.1st ed. 2003. Print.