Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements


Task1: The Youth Food Bill of Rights – Thesis Statement

TheYouth Food Bill of Rights (YFBR) is a collection of demands from theyouth that culminated from a series of forums hosted by the Rooted inCommunity (RIC), an initiative of over 100 youth organizations withan overriding objective in the YFBR to “reshape the U.S broken foodsystem” (YBFR n. p). Seventeen key proposals have been made in thisregard, but the single most demand that resonates with me soconveniently is the demand to ensure sustainability in the foodsystem. The desire for environmentally conscious food system is awell-timed long-term demand that conforms to global trends. The RICinitiated bill, if passed, will have a long-term impact on the U.Sfood system and the well-being of marginalized youth.


Theindustrial revolution is one of the biggest landmark events thatshaped the history of man thereby “making life easy” through theinvention of machines. However, this marked the onset of an onslaughtagainst nature that not only changed the wildlife, but also changedperception, pitting radicals against conservationists. The renewedthought about nature led to the erosion of values in the society andinfluenced the social, economic and political landscape, a context inwhich the rise of capitalism can be conceived. Nevertheless, thisalso served to condition conservationists to stand up “against thetide” setting the stage for a bruising tussle.

Task3: Think Like a Mountain

Themajor preoccupation of humankind today, just like in the past, is arelentless desire to obtain all that makes for life’s amusements(Leopold n.p). In this endeavor, men put up all manner of strugglesobtain their “hunt”. Of much importance is that disappointmentsand success abound such a process, but long-term success isdetermined by the perseverance. Tenacity in the process is obtainedby objective experience of the daily prosperity and disappointmentsmaking one to develop a thinking informed by daily presence to suchoutcomes, just as mountains are to the howl of a wolf (Leopold n.p). The daily struggles of life and the outcomes thereof only serve toharden the human kind, albeit in the context of positivity.


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