The Telephone

The Telephone



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ENGL112 Donna F. Spears



Isthe advent of the telephone brought a positive change to the society?

Focusof Research Question:

Theresearch question will focus on how the telephone was introduced, thevarious effects it caused to the families and the society.

Answersto Research Questions?

Thetelephone brought many positive changes to the society since peoplecould communicate with their family who is distance away.


Theintroduction of the telephone to the village brought various changesto the society, which may be further categorized as either positiveor negative effects (Parulski &amp Schueckler, 2000).


Itis clear that from the case under study, the telephone hastransformed the way of life of the villagers in various ways as ithas been shown in the essay.


Theintroduction of a telephone has brought various changes to thesociety. The essay seeks to analyze the various effects of thetelephone to the villagers in the society.



Accawibegins the recollections of his childhood by generally focusing onthe manner in which the villagers measured passage of time in orderto give the reader, the real situation of the way life was longbefore the Advent of telephone (An et al., 2000). Accawi sees theattitude of the villagers towards time in a positive way, and this isshown by his choice of words to describe specific events that peopleused to measure time and years.


Accawistated that it was not actually that they did not have a system tokeep track of time and other important events in their lives and thatthey had a divine and a natural calendar. He further stated that, assimple as their calendar was, it worked fine for them (Accawi, 2004).


Itis argued that the villagers believed that there was actually no needfor a watch or even a calendar that will enable them keep track ofhours, days, the months and even the years because they knew what todo.



Accawiprepares for telephone appearance to the village by describing thenormal day activities of the villagers who were out in the fieldsunaware of what was to come since that to get them by surprise. Theinstallation of the telephone is given from the perspective of achild because, he said he was small. As the telephone was beinginstalled, the class line of the village was drawn in such a waythat, the poor had to stand outside, and the rich members of thesociety were inside the room. The telephone later turned to be a badnews to the villagers because it changed the entire face of thevillage (White &amp Farris, 2000).


Theinstallation of the telephone is given from the perspective view of achild because he stated that because he was small and not aware thathe should have stood outside with the rest of the poor people andgive room to the rich inside the room which further shows how thesociety’s class line.


Itis said that the face of the village changed where the village centerhad to be shifted, and people no longer gather at the Im Kaleem houseas they used to do.



Accawi’sattitude in the final paragraph shows that he is not happy with theintroduction of the telephone. The telephone changed his life whenhis father was employed in the Southern Lebanon, and they moved toSidon where he joined a Presbyterian missionary school and graduated.According to Kuisma (1994), this change was for the better since ittransformed his life. To Accawi, it was for the worse since it tookhis family away, and he missed the better life of the village. Thefinal sentence implies that he is not happy wherever he is and thatthe village gave him the better life that he used to enjoy in hischildhood (Kleinschmidt &amp Niedermair, 2000).


Accawiwas not happy with the introduction of the telephone since he saysthat it took his family away


Further,he did not take the change that took place in his life positivelybecause he says that he continues to look for that better life thathe used to enjoy while in the village



Thetelephone did not contribute to a positive change to the villagersand Accawi.


Thevillagers argue that the telephone shifted their village center


Accawiargues that the telephone took his family away and that he is stilllooking for a better life


Telephoneintroduction has brought many changes to the society. It has shiftedthe village center from where people used to meet. Further, it hasmoved some families away from the village life they used to enjoy.


Itis advisable that people should accept change and adapt to thechanging situations since the world is changing so fast with thetechnological advancement.


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