The Position of a Producer

The Position of a Producer

ThePosition of a Producer

Myideal prospective job position is the position of the Producer. Thepassion that I have in the world of theatre has propelled my desireto knowing the skills and knowledge of the profession. I desire tolearn theatre to not only making it only an entertaining profession,but also a profitable business. This Position will give me theopportunity to discharge all my leadership skills in the mosteffective and efficient methods possible. The producer organizes thetheatre, hires personnel, manages the finance and prepares thebudgets (Lecture Notes 4). I believe working as a producer will giveme an opportunity to explore my interpersonal skills through activelycommunicating with the other managers that play leading roles intheatre. Through that interaction, I will be able to oversee allactivities in theatre to ensure that they meet all the objectives setby the entity.

Historyof Position of a Producer

Inhistorical findings, it was evident that in the 16thcentury actors and playwrights undertook all the responsibilities ofhandling all their finances. They even directed their own activitiesand the general theatre management. Popularity of theatre industrywas indeed a positive trend as people sought and yearned forentertainment in the increasing years. As years went by, theseplaywrights and actors took the initiatives of handling all theatreactivities. In fact, they were popularly referred to as ‘teachers’.It was increasing becoming difficult for these ‘teachers’ to playthe management roles as well as perform their work.

This apart from the creative work, was indeed cumbersome and therewas a need for a stage manager to play the work of directing andcontrolling all theatre activities including hiring of personnel.This was not until between 17thand 18thcenturies. One of the main reasons the stage manager was hired wasthat the industry began to experience such complexities in the fieldsof mechanical, costume, lighting and all advanced requirements of thetheater productions. He played two roles directing and stagemanaging.

Themanagement of the theatre now entirely rests under the producer. Heoversees all the finances of the organization as well as playing themanagerial roles. Since there is a growing trend in theatreproduction and my examination is that the management is going to bemore and more complex with advanced technology and the growing demandof quality productions. Hence for this reason I competently predictthat the role of finance management will be handled by a competentfinancial officer/director who will be solely responsible for thatresponsibility. This will give the manager an absolute focus todetail pertaining, the management of different aspects of theatre.

Pathstowards Becoming a Producer

Themost common path of becoming a professional in this field of theaterproducing is through basic educational knowledge through schooling.Schooling gives a wealth of knowledge on the production of musicals,poetry, playwrights and the management of both the personnel andfinances. This aims at impacting knowledge on theater requirementsand expectations. However, it is expected that one should be a loverof theater production through actively involving him/herself intheater activities to better gain experience firsthand. I believethis experience will give knowledge and skills in the diverse areasof requirement and management of theater production.

Ihowever have to point out that there are many emerging theatreproduction schools that educate and nurture theatre enthusiasts.These are important in giving the basic knowledge of the industry. Ihowever have to indicate that theater production is advancing in newand emerging technologies, new equipments and the styles ofproduction are increasing advancing. For this reason of complexity,there are certain unions that exist to educate and continually traintheatre personnel to better understand new market trends. An exampleof such a union is The International Alliance of Theatrical StageOrganization (IATSE).

Leadersin the Industry

Onenotable producer that has and continues to inspire my passion is agentleman by the name Cameron Mackintosh. He hailed from a veryhumble background and his passion for theater drove him to be one ofthe best producers in the world. He has had a particular zest formusical productions. He is based in London. Some of the best worksthat he has successfully produced is ‘less miserable.’ This was amassive hit, the phantom of the opera whose success out-grossed theproduction of the famous Titanic.

Hismost successful contribution is the transformation of musicals intheatre production, to be one of the most internationally recognizedbrands that are very profitable. He did this by risking to ventureinto countries where musicals was not a recognized brand such as theformer eastern bloc countries in the 1990s. That daring move was aneye opener and an educational insight as bored him awe-inspiringachievements to-date. He also brought about an element of legitimacywhere exploitation was prevalent and hence discouraged creativity.Most people had fear of exploitation which is prevalent in theatreIndustry. He helped shape this notion of trying to transform theoutlook through introducing legitimate Producers. The Mackintoshgroup owns seven theaters in London. His passion, able leadershipand relentless pursuit to change the outlook of theatre are a reasonfor wanting to get into his shoes and possibly do the same.

Beingof Chinese origin, I have been influenced by a famous Chinesedirector by the name of Jiao Juyin. This producer also was born andbred from very humble beginnings. His quest for theatre productionpropelled him to study the performances of various schools in WesternTheatres and attained a PhD degree (Performing Arts) in Paris. Hedirected famous performances such as Thunderstorm and Dragon beardDitch. All these earned him international recognition. This Chineseproducer has influenced and promoted theatre culture through foundingtheatre schools such as Opera College of Peiping and Peiping ArtsLibrary that nurtures and develops new and emerging talents. This isan example of an enthusiast who loved theatre and brought aboutinnovation and progressive reforms in this very esteem profession

AnotherMost recognized producer in the world is Oprah Gail Winfrey. She alsomade a unique decision of venturing in a new unique production thatearned her international recognition. A talk show was formerlynon-existent and she successfully executed her role as a producer ina unique and efficient manner which was aired on global networks. This viable decision about production earned her immense success andshe is recognized as one of the most influential people in the world.Her production on the talk show, opened doors to many productions ofher kind that are making impressive progress. This inspires me to becreative in introducing new methods of production and particularlyhave keen eye new innovations. Oprah is ranked the best famoustheoretical producer in the world. This sufficiently demonstratesthat new ventures with careful and efficient planning pay offeventually.

MyPreferred Place to Work

Asa student from China Studying in United States, I hope to gain moreknowledge, skills and expertise that will offer me a competitiveadvantage. I hope to work back at home where I believe I will besuccessful in bringing to light the rich culture of China. I believeworking with acquired skills to producing great works, includingmusicals and combined with martial arts will introduce a new uniquework to the world that is inspired by my culture. I believe that mypassion in the field of theatre production will propel me to identifynew innovations, especially in technology will help me to propeltheatre production to new and greater heights.

Further,as I understand that there is global competitiveness in this field oftheatre production, I will explore new areas of production that mostproducers think are too risky. As a result, I hope to introduce a newbrand in theatre production, which I hope will be globallyrecognized. As I demonstrated that new ventures pay off. I understandthe financial burdens of this undertaking and since I am always onthe lookout for viable business decisions, I know they will be placedin perspective and for this reason that I will strive to learn andengage more in informative decisions. Finally, playing the role of aproducer in the creative industry will give me an opportunity tocontribute my infinity worth of potential to new innovations and newbrands in the industry that will last for many years to come.


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