The Effects of Globalization

The Effects of Globalization


The forces in the global arena are making tremendous changes in thelives of different people. Globalization has increased access togoods and services since people can access products from differentcountries at their convenience. By looking at the items that I usevery day, I have come up with an assorted list of products fromdifferent countries from clothes, food, and jewelry.

The varieties of the food that I eat include rice from India, pastafrom Italy, sis kebab from Turkey, humous from Jordan and cream fromJordan. Initially, I paid no attention to the diversity of my dietuntil when I developed an interest in assessing the effects ofglobalization on my diet. Also, I wear coats from China, shoes fromItaly, shirts from Bangladesh and pants from Venezuela. At home, wehave a variety of cars that originate from overseas countries. Wehave a Mercedes model from Germany, a Toyota and a Subaru model fromJapan, a GMC from the USA and a land rover from Britain. I also haveacquaintances in the international arena most of whom we meet in theonline platform. I have friends from Spain, Ecuador, China, Braziland Saudi Arabia.

I have a heart in music, and I access Arabic music from SaudiArabia, Spanish music originating from Mexico. I watch Arabic moviesmade in Egypt and Japanese movies. My sports attire includest-shirts from china, shoes from Pakistan and shorts from Bangladesh. My accessories also have an international face. I wear perfumes fromFrance, a Japanese watch, and Toshiba laptop. I regularly visitonline sites to get updates on the international environment. Thesites that o consider having explicit global content based in Saudi Arabia, the Aljazeera website basedin Qatar and based in Saudi Arabia.

There are several reasons for the items that facilitate my dailyactivities. First, I have although I may buy some products randomly Ihave a preference for products from the international market. Forexample, I believe that the best pasta comes from Italy and thatFrance offers the most fragrant perfumes. Secondly, globalization hasmade it easier for people to access the international markets. Theefficient means of transport and communication instigates people tointeract with others in the international community, and theyexchange ideas. It explains why I can access news from the Aljazeerawebsite yet I reside in the USA. Another imperative factorcontributing to globalization is the friendly political affiliationsthat create a friendly trade environment. The exchange agreementslift the barriers of to imports and exports and governments establisha mutual relationship.

Bozeman exhibits a pattern of growth from the effects ofglobalization. The city has become the fourth-largest city in thestate. Many foreigners consider it as one the best places to settledue to its beautiful sceneries and excellent transport services. The2010 census revealed the town consists of more than 7% foreignerswith diverse nationalities (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Theycontinue to give it a metropolitan characteristic and the non-nativesintroduce new items and ways of life to the inhabitants of the town.People from the word over visiting Montana for recreation purposesand they interact with the local population. The state, therefore,finds a place in the international arena, and it continues to be ahub for diverse nationalities with a close reference to the Montanastate university.

In conclusion, the effects of globalization trickle down to everyindividual and no one is averse to its impacts. It eliminates thephysical barrier between regions by providing efficient platforms forinteraction as well as enabling people to have a taste of productsfrom the international community. There are prospects of weakeningrestrictions in future since the efficient systems will instigatepeople to intensify their exploration of the world.


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