The Art of Learning

The Art of Learning

TheArt of Learning

Theimportance of learning cannot be understated as far as thedevelopment of the society and individuals is concerned. Learninginvolves the taking up of information, internalization of the sameand its application in enhancement of one’s progress in thelong-term and the short-term. Varied forms of learning may be used,with different assessments of the same being taken up.

Waysof learning in the videos

Thereare different ways in which individuals in the movies learnt. Keyamong them was instruction where a teacher would instruct students onthe varied mechanics pertaining to the subject at hand. This comes tothe fore particularly in the 4thvideo where young boys and girls are taught how to dance. Similarly,the teacher deduces information that the students already have andapplies the same in instructing them regarding what they have to do.In this case, they use information regarding the techniques of thefox, where it stalks its prey quietly and moves to attack. Thedancing style that they learn is derived from the techniques of thefox, in which case the mode of learning is observation and deduction.


Evidenceof learning in the movies

Thereis immense evidence that people in the movies were learning. Keyamong them is the fact that the individuals were moving from onelevel to another. This is particularly seen in the case of theAfrican American lady in the fourth video who outlines her journeyfrom the low levels of competition to the higher ones. She statesthat she moved from competing in the locals to the regional and,eventually, to the nationals. Learning can only be evidenced by thecapacity of an individual to continually advance himself or herself,as is the case for the lady.

Similarly,learning can be demonstrated by the competition that the individualsengaged in and their capacity to take recall and deduce informationthat they have learnt. This comes to the fore in the fourth videowhere a student is asked to undertake a particular task which he hadbeen unable to undertake in the past. Evidently, his capacity torecall the information earlier learnt and apply the same in answeringthe questions asked is evidence that he has learnt and incorporatedthe information to deduce answers for the questions posed.

Factorsthat Hindered People from Learning

Unfortunately,learning is not always a smooth process rather there are numerousobstacles that stand in the way of learning for students in differentstages. Key among them is the individual perception regarding thelearning process and the difficulty involved. As the teacher in thefirst video states, the perception of individuals regarding differentelements determines the manner in which they approach the same. Hestands on the desk so as to remind students that they have toconstantly look at things in a different way, which, essentially,underlines the need to get out of one’s own way so as to learn.

Further,the society could also stand in the way of learning as is the casefor the young boy in the first video. After he has been defeated in agame of chess, an African American engages him in small talk but themom tells the boy not to even give his second name, yet the black manseemed to be offering some tips on learning the game.


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