The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act


refers to reforms in the American healthcare system to improve and expand access to care and reduce spendingthrough the implementation of taxes and health laws. The move by thegovernment to roll out the program has it benefit and shortcomings.They are observable from the impact it has on the citizen access tohealth.

First, over half of the America population that did not have anyhealth insurances can now access free or low-cost comprehensivehealth insurance (Novack, 2014). It brought equality in access tohealth for those in workplace health insurance schemes and those whowere not in any formal employment. Secondly, the number of privatecoverage insurance option are on the increase and according to theact, they have a uniform set of minimum health coverage (Novack,2014). It also curbs expenses of health care by reducing costs andthe country has experienced the lowest rate of health care spendingin history (Novack, 2014).

However, the program introduces a new set of taxes especially tohigh-income earners that include the individual and the employermandate. Also, due to the setting of the minimum coverage provisions,more than 4.7 million private insurance schemes became obsolete(Novack, 2014).Those who had subscribed to them had to look for otheroptions subjecting them to short-term inconveniences.

The affordable care act has several impacts on the health careindustry. More than 34 million people who had no insurance coveragecan now access health care, and this has positive effects on theirproductivity (Novack, 2014). Due to the increased number of patientsseeking medical help, the workload increased relatively. It will takesome years before the students qualify to beef up the existingmedical workforce (Novack, 2014). However, there are prospects of thefew challenges fading away since the program will become sustainableafter the formative stages.


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