Texas Children Hospital HR Management

Texas Children Hospital HR Management


TexasChildren Hospital HR Management

TexasChildren Hospital

TexasChildren hospital is one of the largest children’s hospitals in theUS with more than 800 ongoing trials, 800,000 square feet of spacelab and it is one of the most diverse and largest pediatricpopulations of the patients in the country. The ground breaking wasmade in 1951 where Baylor College and Texas children establishedteaching. Dr. Russell established unprecedented policy(Hospital, 2015)

Eventsand Critical Incidents

Texaschildren hospital was accredited first pediatric heart failureinstitute in 2013. Texas children’s hospital experts in 2013 at aninternational conference were congregated by North America radiologysociety. In October 2013, the hospital received a portion of FDAgrant for medical device consortium for the pediatric. In July 2013,the critical Congenital for heart disease screening was conducted fornewborns in Texas (Green, 2008).

InitialProducts and Evolution of new products

Partof the center complex has clinical facilities for many ailment thatranges from physical and surgery rehabilitation to psychologicaltroubles as well as specialized neurological, heart and cancer care.The Texas children hospital operates not to make profit but operatesas a pediatric care extending the patient education, care andresearch of Texas community. It presents full spectrum for thespecialized health through various centers such as fetal center,heart, neurology, maternity and new born centers. Texas children alsoprovides 2 additional products CHIP and STAR (Medicaid) in order tomeet the health needs of the children

Entryinto new business

Thereare various strategic projects for expansion that helps in designinginitiatives such as content management enterprise. The formersuccessful ideas for Texas children hospital has developed betterlines of service that are inclusive of Hospital West Campus, Healthcenters and the women and children centers.


Thetop competitors for Texas children hospital include SHRINERS hospitalfor children, Memorial Hermann Healthcare, and the Ascension HealthAlliance

Statementof the Problem

Thestrategic SWOT presents a comprehensive Insight to the History ofTEXAS children, Business structure, corporate strategy, and theoperations. The company faces competition from SHRINERS hospital forchildren, Memorial Hermann Healthcare, and the Ascension HealthAlliance. TEXAS children`s hospital current status and background,the company is facing a problem of competition and problem offinances in funding their operations.

Theimplication will not mean halting operations, but it will meancutting the needed expansions in serving the growing childrenpopulation and retaining and recruiting the best specialists. TEXAShas a higher Medicaid populations indicating that the rate reduction. The problem can be solved by increasing funding from Medicaid andincreasing children`s specialist (Carter, Levetown &amp Friebert,2013).

Inregard to the mission statement, the hospital seeks to provide tolead in creating a global community of healthy children, families andwomen while committing to the finest partnerships, collaborations andinitiatives in research, education, outreach and care of children.The hospital aims to collaborate with leading organizations onsolution to critical issues and become the partner of choice

Nevertheless,the hospital lacks enough space for the growing population ofchildren and enough capital to fund their operations. It has beenalso reported that the children patient takes the time to be attendedand thus the hospital must expand the hospital and ensure that everypatient is attended to. In response to the problem, this study aimsto propose diverse options for making the hospital. We plan to havean all-inclusive participatory investigation into expanding thehospital through funding. We shall also take into consideration waysof reducing cases of the problems that are stated above such asincreasing the Medicaid (Silver, 2009).

ResearchQuestion #1

Regardingthe present competitive environment, is Texas Children`s Hospitalsuccessfully overcoming their managerial and planning weaknesses?


Inthe competitive environment, the hospital has faced competition fromother established hospitals such as SHRINERS hospital for children,Memorial Hermann Healthcare and the Ascension Health Alliance whichcan be traced back to lack of a competitive strategy. To becompetitive, the hospital can improve on their technology andservices. Adopting newer technology and improvement of their skillscan enable achieve better.

ResearchQuestion #2

  • Texas has been facing the problem to fund their operations will the hospital diversify their operations to get more funding?


TheTexas Children Hospital is facing diverse difficulties that can beretraced back to the strategic administrative functions. There havebeen limited finances that can be traced back to insufficient funds.The study presented herein tries to figure out how the way Texaschildren’s hospital can increase funding through better managerialstrategies. Through merging with other stakeholders in the healthfraternity, the hospital can be able to fund its operations.


Theresearch project is imperative in that, it presents the gaps that arethere in the Texas Children Hospital and what should be done toimprove the effectiveness and efficiency of Texas Children Hospital


Thepurpose of conducting research is improving efficiency andeffectiveness of Texas children hospital. Children’s hospital hasbeen facing diverse complexities in handling the ever-increasingnumber of children and also curbing the competition from othercompetitors. The Hospital seeks to provide to lead in creating aglobal community of healthy children, families and women whilecommitting to the finest partnerships, collaborations and initiativesin research, education, outreach and care of children. Thus, thispaper aims to ensure that the hospital is aligned to its mission andvision statement with its goals and strategic objectives.


Themethod of data collection includes reviewing the reports and journalson children hospital. Online sites such as Texas children hospitalwebsite was an imperative source of information. The qualitativemethods of research include in-depth interviews. A thematic analysiswas included in capturing the experiences of the patient. The caseswere sampled to arrive into the conclusion of research (Green &ampThorogood, 2013).


TEXASChildren Hospital is one of the largest children`s hospitals in theUS. It was accredited first pediatric heart failure Institute in2013.Thehospital has been facing competition from various hospitals andinsufficient space for the ever-increasing number of patients.Nevertheless, the paper presents ways of ensuring that the company isaligned to its mission and goals through increasing the Medicaid


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