Technology and Innovation Memo Joy

Technology and Innovation Memo Joy


Technologyand Innovation Memo




TO:Dr. Plochocki

FROM:Joy Gillum


SUBJECT:SUBJECT:Technology and Innovation SpecialTopic Memos

RE:Technology and Innovations


ThesScientific discovery, innovations, and technological advancementsare the primary engines for the expanding the frontiers of the humanknowledge, and they are important for responding to the problems andopportunities in the 21stcentury (Marosszekyf,2013).Every nation depends on technology and innovation to promote the jobcreation and economic, , maintaingrowth, maintains asufficient and safe food supply, manage the competing demands on theenvironmental resources, and to ensure the security of the nation.

Thismemorandum is intended for the federal government that funds theresearch and development. When writing this memo, I imagined threetypes of audience. One of these audiences is any person thatholdswho holds a personal interest in the technology and innovation.The physician is the next audience as he or she is has an ongoinginterestconstantlyinterested in the current research on technology and innovation. Thefederal government is the last audience as they are interested in thecapitalisingzationofonthe innovation and new technology.

Theprimary audience will consist of the top-level executives ingovernments that make decisions affecting the technology andinnovation. They are responsible for the formulation of thestrategies and policies to ensure that all the objectives and goalsare met. This group is made up of the motivated readers that are inneed of the report to make the important decisions about technologyand innovation.

Theeducational background of the audience includes the people that havethe educational background in engineering and information systems. This is because these groups display the ability to analyze data andinformation quickly and arebe able to evaluate the relationshipbetweentheamong the numerous factors. In regard to the knowledge andexperience, the audience must have the intermediate knowledge on thetopic. So as to address all the audience’s needs,bothgroupsneeds stems) should have an overview of all the key concepts,and hence it’s more important that they bearemoreknowledgeable on the issue. The primary audience should have theintermediate knowledge of the topic and, as well as a high intereston the topic. This is because the report needs to provide them withthe key insights into conducting the businesstheirbusiness. More specifically, they need the details on the economic,political, and social environments, as this is very pertinent to thetechnology and innovation. The challenge here will be providing theinformation that will make the audience understand the risks involvedin the technology and innovationinnovationofnew businesses.

ThetechnologyTechnology and innovation is essentialareessential in addressing the societal needs in the areas in which theprivate sector lacks the sufficient incentive in to making make therequired investments. The support of researchresearch, especially inthe technology and innovation areas, ensures that the innovators andpublic are aware of the research. This memo gives priority to theR&ampD, science and technology, mathematics and engineering,scientific management and infrastructure, and technology transfer(Leyden,&amp Link, 2015).The priorities in this memo build on the issuespriorities that arereflected in the Federal Government’s past budgets as well asothernd the priorities directives.

Thismemo’s main purpose is to educate the audience (government,physicians, and other people) about technology and innovation. Thememo will provide the factual information that will shed light onpolitical, economic, and social environments in regard to innovationand technology. The audience needs the memo as they will gain theinsight into the technology and innovation,, while which will helpingthem to make correct decisions affecting the wholeentire research anddevelopment in the economy of the country. economy.


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