Tales from the Nickel

Tales from the Nickel

Talesfrom the Nickel

Talesfrom the Nickel is a dance by Jacqueline Nalett, which I attended onenight. The venue of the dance was at the arts space in Houston onSeptember 18. The dance talks about the experiences of the producerwhile growing up in the African American neighborhood, whichobliviously was not easy since she is white. The producer tries toreveal her two worlds in the apartments and her mother’s love forbig band music, as well as that of the poor neighborhood with itsgospel, soul, and rap music. She uses funny and horrific scenes tomake it interesting as well as emotional. The life of Jacqueline washard in the African American neighborhood, and they always felt as ifthey did not belong. There was a time they were kicked off and stayedhomeless for a whole year before landing on a shelter in fifth ward.The idea behind the dance is try to show the audience how shesurvived through her childhood and teenage years. She incorporatedseveral styles, movements and songs to bring out her story through adance.

Thedance, oblivious of the producer’s experience, was sad. The dancersmove slowly in the dance as is expected of a sad dance. This dancetries to narrate the problems that the producer had while growing up.The costumes, which were red in color also helped a great deal innarrating the ordeal. There was a part in the play that spoke greatvolumes the kind of costume that the solo dancer wore whiledescribing the horrible nights she had experienced. The dancer, inthis scene, wore a white T-shirt and jeans that are common amongpeople living in poor neighborhoods. Swiftly, the dancers connectwith the audience through their slow moves and facial expressions.The slow and repetitive rhythms also play a great importance inhelping the audience to relate with the story. The dancers connecttogether to bring about a sad story. In addition, the dark lightingmade the whole dance to appear sad, drawing the emotions of theaudiences.

Thedancers used several types of styles to bring out the intendedmeaning. There was a great coherence among the dancers and how theyrelated with the dance. Their entrance was momentous and they dancedslowly, but with energy. They were well spread in the stage followinga certain pattern. However, there were times when they would cometogether, change positions, and then spread. The pattern and thecoherence exhibited made the dance more interesting or captivating.The dance exhibited was a narrative one because it tried to describethe life of the producer. Audiences could easily understand the storybehind the dance because it was narrative and the dances aimed atbringing out the meaning. The producer had a rough patch whilegrowing up among other African American communities hence, thedancers had different costumes and different characters that helpedin bringing out the intended message. The dance and the message beingconveyed aligned well with the songs played. Some of these songsinclude I need love, the ghetto, live to tell, and stardust. One ofthe most interesting parts in the dance is the story whereJacqueline’s house was caught on fire and tried to extinguish itusing some water. In this case, she moved slowly and then rapidly.

Theoverall dance was successful because the dance brought out itsintended message. It was easy for the audiences to understand whatthe dance was all about. The choreography was perfect and the dancershad a good chemistry that helped out in relaying the message of theproducer. Another notable thing about the dance is the fact that thedancers were skilled and seemed to have practiced over time. Theylooked easy on the stage and never did any one of them miss a singlestep. The synchronization was perfect such that it kept the audiencesglued to the stage. Similarly, it provoked emotions of the audiencestherefore, effective in communicating the message. Although all thiswas perfect, I feel that the costumes could have been improved tomake the dance more meaningful. All in all, the dance was goodoverall.

Iwould definitely attend a similar concert any time. It was not onlyentertaining, but also informative and educative. The danceincorporates the current trends such as hip hop, jazz, andcontemporary. It was well blended incorporating all aspects of anarrative dance. I would highly recommend this dance to othersespecially fellow students because I believe they can gain a lot fromsuch a dance. In fact, I am planning on organizing another visit intothe concert by Jacqueline in hope that I will learn from her variousdancing skills. What I learnt from the dancing classes is highlyapplicable in my class, and I am glad I attended the concert.


Talesfrom the Nickel, by Jacqueline Nalett. Hauston , 18 September, 2015.Performance.