NicheAreas for Tourist in Mississippi

Hutchinsonintroduced the concept of niche denoting to an extreme location thatan organization can adventure to counter its competitor (Robinson etal. 187). In this context, there five significant niche areas thatthe Mississippi Development Authority/Tourism Division will focus onto attract tourists. The Tourism Division could exploit areas such ascultural tourism, industrial tourism, rural tourism, agriculturaltourism and wine tourism (Robinson et al. 188). More importantly, theDivision could insist on wine strategy as travel by the tourist forthe significance of touring wineries and wine sites as well as theirconnection to a lifestyle of community in Mississippi.

Mississippi has various vineyards and wineries that could be a sitefor tourists to visit and taste different wine brands. Cities likeBrookhaven, Oxford and Clarksdale, have amazing wineries such asBoggy Creek Vineyard and Old South Winery that provides excellentwines. Wine lover, wine interest, and curious tourist with differentexpectation will be motivated to visit different areas inMississippi. Visiting wine festivals is among other touristexperience. These festivals will provide value in public relation,attract a wide range of attendance, diversify the range of visitorsand help to develop loyalty to Mississippi as well as the personalwineries hence illuminating an exclusive synergy between specialevents, wine, in addition to leisure travel. The Mississippiprovides the following attraction within this niche:

  1. Black Hawk wine tour

  2. Eastern Iowa wines tour

  3. Mississippi River wines tour

  4. Galena Cellars Vineyard Tour

  5. Holiday harvest wine and food festival

  6. Spring fling-new wine release party

  7. June Bloom wine and food events

  8. Mississipi Valley wines trail

  9. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

  10. Illinois wine trails

Another niche thatwould significant benefits Mississippi is the cultural tourism.Places such as the Mississippi Delta Blues have evolved toincorporate cultures, musical genres, and geographical location. TheDelta Blues intersects with social class, ethnicity, and geographicties.

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