Summary of Twelve Points to Success

Summary of Twelve Points to Success


Listening and talking are important aspects of life as well as inbusiness. Jeanette Bennet is passionate about business communicationskills that are applicable not only in business but also in peopledaily activities. She presents twelve guidelines to success and afterlistening to her, I share in her sentiments that the points forge thepath to success.

The family plays a significant role in molding an individual becauseit is in a family that we first experience different personalities.After knowing our interests outside the family, Bennet recommendsthat individuals should find like-minded people with similarinterests. From her concept, it is easy to deduce that people growbetter when they work together rather than when solely try to achievetheir goals. In the process, it is not possible to right a perfectmoment to act. Therefore, individuals should seize the present momentwithout procrastinating.

Risk taking enables people to achieve memorable milestones. WhatBennet is trying to put across with this idea is that people cannotmake history if they remain in their comfort zones. They shouldcreate a big vision that instigates them to take action. In doing so,success is not a guarantee with a maiden effort. Challenges willalways be there, but persistence strengthens the efforts towardsachieving a goal. Their mobile devices distract most often youngpeople, and they miss important points in life. Although onlinecontact is essential, it cannot substitute physical contact since itleads to strong bonds between people.

Also, individuals’ personality and physical appearance should notdeter them from being unique. We should accept it and let otherpeople appreciate it. It is sometimes advisable for people to makeleaps in their efforts. The surprises that people get are no longerthe same when tried for a second time. People should also learn fromthose who have made it in life and give credit to those who playimportant roles in helping them achieve their goals.