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Analysisof Arts American Website

ArtsAmerica is a website that I have meant for the first time only torealize it deals with an inside story of more than two thousandmuseums and other organizations that perform arts in American cities(Doss, 2002). The appearance of the website is so appealing, givesvarious access to art places where one can enjoy arts both whentraveling or living in America. Additionally, the website gives alist of major arts summits and festivals that ever happened inAmerica. Consequently, I feel this site is so unique because it isgiving important details such as available public transportation,hours, handicapped access, and admission fee required to enjoy acertain event. Additionally, the site gives money saving strategiesduring the free days this through the providence of discountedperformances, membership, and subscription for half-pricedopportunities. The following are the five prominent features that Ihave noted in the art American`s website.

  1. An eye-catching design

Thedesigner of the website was too keen to the content provided on thegraphic user interface (GUI). This is because after visiting thewebsite I felt attracted to the color, the content, and uniquedesigned used on the website. The colors used are not dull and nottoo flashy making any visitor to feel attracted.

  1. Easy to navigate

Aftervisiting the website, you will be amazed by the convenient and easymeans of navigating throughout the website. I feel that the websiteis easy and simple to understand because all the links are wellplaced and arranged to make the user to know easily where to clink.The links are not confusing making the website attractive.

  1. There is a search option

Thereis a search option that is noticeable immediately you open thewebsite. The search option is well placed since the website iscrammed with so many information, I think the search option isconvenient to new users when searching for their intended content.

  1. A lot of images

Thesite has numerous images that make it more attractive. The imagesmake the site look nice and also eye catching. Additionally, I feelthe images are of the correct format they are neither too large norappear pixilated. Moreover, the images available can be downloadedsomething that miss n most of the websites I have visited so far.

  1. The site has proper content

Theinformation provided on the &quotabout arts America&quot link isthe exact content provided on the entire website. Consequently, afternavigating through the website, I am convinced that any visitorcannot be disappointed by content provided. This makes the site beunique.

Lastly,one of the things I have found interesting or unique in this site isthe use of Search engine optimization (SEO). This means that thewebsite receives numerous visitors because they are attracted by theuse of SEO the customers are given a provision where they can usekeywords when searching for content on the website. I find this veryhelpful to me because I think it can be used to improve the rankingof company`s website to be developed in future.


Doss,E. (2002). Death, art and memory in the public sphere: The visual andmaterial culture of grief in contemporary America. Mortality,7(1),63-82.

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TheBill Clinton Lie Statement was not Justified

Anact of lying is the intentional misleading of other people when theyexpect honest information in a communication (Harris 1). Therefore,lying makes it difficult for rational people to ascertain the realityof what should be taken as fact, and what should not. A perfectexample of this situation is the debate over the remarks by theformer President of the United States, Bill Clinton regarding analleged sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton said,“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky”.This statement forms the basis of the discussion. The discussionabout the scandal and the arguments on lying will illustrate that thelie was not justified.

Inrelation to lying and deception, it is possible to argue that BillClinton’s statement was a lie, and was not justified. This isbecause different issues emerged that the sitting president by then,Clinton must have been having love relationship with the young lady.The statement by Bill Clinton was not justified because it was takenfrom the public domain as a lie. In accordance with the sufficientinvestigation of the scandal, it sounded deceptively the statementpresident made in a public speech. As much as honor and respect wereimperative, it was not easy to convince the public about the scandalat hand.

Thelying by Bill Clinton was not justified because it was taken as a wayof concealing the embarrassment he would get from people and familymembers. Clinton being a married man and a president could havebehaved in this manner to hide defects from his services as a fatherand a president of the nation. When it narrows to family issues, thestatement by Clinton could have been a way of sparing the feelings ofhis wife. As much as Hillary could support his words, Clinton couldnot be able to change the opinion of the nation he loosed trust frompeople following the scandal that got him.

Lyingby Clinton was not justified because it was considered as an effortof concealing evidence and the truth of his actions. This is becausesuch truth could have a negative impact on him and others as arguedby Harris about the results of lying (Harris 1). Clinton’sstatement was judged harshly with close assessment since it was anact of commission that tried to spare the feeling of the thirdparties. After the Clinton statements, there was voice evidence thatrevealed a hidden agenda in the statement as people and the mediasought for the truth. Evidently, an instance of a lie reveals as asign of pressure that may be accompanied by more problems as in thecase of Clinton.

Clinton’sstatement considered to be a lie affected his personal life and lifeof people around them. The statement of the president about the loveaffairs with Lewinsky brought about different damages to people theywere denied the truth. In addition, forcing the citizens, Governmentofficial, and the whole nation to believe in his lie, is a way offorcing ignorance in them. Besides, this statement prevented thesolutions that the State could have solved when they had known thetruth instantly it even wasted so much time and resources toinvestigate when all the information was with the two lovebirds.

Clintonforsake different aspects that are not restricted to deepening lovefor the citizen and wife, compassion, forgiveness, and understandingthat could have been healed instantly with a statement different fromthe one he made. The pressure from such aspects made Clinton to makechoices he could not intend to associate with even for a singlesecond.

Suchupheaval deed was very clear in Clinton’s mind that they couldcause embarrassments to him and disrespect from people. Clinton madethe statement as a way of trying to maintain the trust he had beengiven by the people through the presidency. He also made thestatement to lead the public to view him in a more respectable way.Otherwise, if it were not for the leadership responsibility, he couldhave told the truth at will.

Lewinsky’sdenial on the reallocation duty justifies the lie of Clinton. As muchas her seniors could try to move her to other places far from thereach of Clinton, she finds it difficult to comply. This instanceputs people into suspicion and justification about the scandal athand. In addition, persuasion tips deployed by Lewinsky emphasize onthe instance of a lie. As much as they could not arrive to any help,she held the press on her hand for the scandal. These two scenariosare proofs to show that really there was a go between the twoparties, Lewinsky and Clinton.

TheClinton lie was not justified because it was based on his intentionto save the image of his presidency. According to his statementtogether with Hillary, his wife during a conference at the whitehouse, he stated clearly that, all that goes around are lies withfalse allegation and therefore, he needed to be set free to servethe American people. There was a debate on whether this address ofthe allegation could be necessary in the State of the Union Address.This might be a way to waft and spell away the allegations thatbefallen him, especially taking the integrity that is expected of himas the president.

Thefact that Lewinsky was stubborn and unwilling to discuss the issueswith the press could be testimonial in evaluation of this issue oflove affair with the president. All in all the press had everythingconcerning the affair, the tape recordings. Besides, Lewinsky turnedover a Semen-stained blue dress to the investigators to provideunambiguous evidence to prove on the affair as much as Clinton coulddeny.

Thelie statement by Clinton was not justified because the truth waslater revealed. Clinton admitted that he had a relationship withLewinsky during the taped grand jury inquiry. He said he had animproper physical relationship with Miss Lewinsky that he regarded asinappropriate. According to the initial statement of the president,this admission was a bit contradicting because the improper physicalrelationship is what gave birth to the love relationship. Admittingto have a relationship in the physical appearance of the woman couldmean love of that woman, Clinton could also be afraid of seductionfrom the physical makeup of Lewinsky that made him involve in thescandal.

Thestatement that the Clinton made concerning the scandal was associatedwith many disadvantages to him as well as his counterpart MonicaLewinsky. This suspicion led to his impeachment. In addition, Clintonloses trust in his party, The Democratic Party, whose memberscomplained of him to have obstructed justice and perjury. Theimpeachment took effect after the trial in the senate. Besides,Clinton faces heavy charges of false testimony in the courtsfollowing the evidential love affairs he was in with Lewinsky.

Clinton’slie was not justified because it led to other consequences on thepeople around him, including his political party. In fact, thescandal of Clinton may have made his party lose the 2000 generalelection since people could not bear deceits generated by thepresident, Clinton. On the other hand, Lewinsky faces internationalfright having been in love affair with the president (Tiersma).

Theargument mismatch provided at the court by Clinton could offersuspicion of lie brought by the latter. Initially, Clinton arguedthat he had never involved in any love relationship with that woman,Lewinsky, later when the same question was asked, he argued that thedefinition of love relationship was not clear to him and he meantacting physically to the body parts of the human in favor of makinglove. Clinton claimed that the term sexual relation could mean givingbut not receiving any form of sex. With the wavy argument in thecourts of law, Clinton could face the consequences of the lie.

Inconclusion, Clinton’s statement was an act of lying, which was notjustified. He lied to the general public that he was not in loveaffair with Lewinsky which existed. According to the premises providenot restricted to false testimonies, recoded audio, pressures fromthe surrounding, statement by Lewinsky among other evidences, Clintonstatement was a lie. He lied not for any ordinary reason, but toensure that he maintained his position as the president of the UnitedStates of America as well as to enhance trust from people. This didnot bare any fruit since the truth was told and the law had to takeits course. This illustrates that, even if lying was part ofClinton’s statement, his lying was not justified.


Harris,Sam. &quotSamHarris Lying”Web, Accessed, 14 September, 2015,

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Contractfor Lodging Services

Thiscontract will guide the transaction for the acquisition of goods aswell as services that are essential for any business operation. Thefollowing are the parties to the contract

1.The Landlord (full name):




2.The Lodger (full name):_




Thefollowing provisions will guide the details of the parties to thecontract

Thecontract will contain the name of both parties involve in thetransaction, telephone number, and the address of residential areas.

Thecontract will also contain the date and duration that the contractwill be considered live. The amount at which the goods shall be letby the provider will also be included in the contract. In order todeploy surety in the transaction, part of the requisite amount ordeposit should be paid to the owner of the goods.

Thelandlord will provide the necessary lodging facilities to the lodger.The landlord will enter into contact with the buyers willing toacquire the lodging facilities. The lodging facilities in this caseinclude beds, bed covers, mattresses, chairs, tables, and phones.The contact will be valid when the lodger and the landlord willmutually agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Startdate and duration

Theoccupancy agreement effective from: __ / __ / (“Start date”)

Theoccupancy agreement closes on: __ / __ / (“End date”)

Paymentamount: __ (Amount in USD)

Provisionsguiding the Time Spent and Payment

Thetime for the occupancy of the lodging facilities by the lodger willbe specified on the contract note above. For this duration of time,the landlord will be required to supply all the facilities as agreed.

Accordingto the usual payment of goods as per the law, the client will makepayment for the goods and services ordered depending on the paymentschedule attached by the provider as will be indicated in thecontract.

Inaddition, failure to avail the ordered facilities by the provider ontime will yet attract other additional charges as indicated by theprovider’s agreement form as defined in the contract.

Thelandlord will be required to refund the lodger the sum of money paidas per the cost structure that appears on the lodger’s premise, andstated on the contract. In addition, there will be a penalty for sucha payment, in the case of default of the agreement by either party.

Apayment default of more than ten working days, additional charges mayapply to the client.


Thecontract will also include the accepted terms of payment by theoperation. All the agreements, including terms and conditions aresigned by both parties to validate and terminate contract conditions.

Thewritten contract will act as a proof in case of any futuredisagreements. The making of a sale of service transaction in writingis important because it ensures there is a reference in case ofconflict between the parties (Wuytset al 109).The written contract will provide evidence of the agreement on termsand conditions by the parties upon which no party will argue forinfringement the agreement is mutually accepted by both parties andis evidently signed.

Lodger’ssignature: __ / __ /

Landlord’ssignature: ___ __ / __ /


Wuyts,Stefan, and Inge Geyskens. &quotThe formation of buyer—supplierrelationships: detailed contract drafting and close partnerselection.&quot&nbspJournalof Marketing&nbsp69.4(2005): 103-117.