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Theengineering discipline is seen as a noble profession that not onlyaffects the technology of the world, but also the lives of all peopleglobally. Different engineers have contributed to the development ofengineering in different aspects that have changed lives (Vitaliev72).This discussion will highlight ten remarkable engineers that madedifferent contributions in different fields of engineering.

  1. James Watt

JamesWatt was a mechanical engineer who invented the steam engine. Hisinvention is used for coal mining, textile manufacturing, andtransportation among other industrial use. The Watt unit of power hasan origin from James Watt during measurement of the power of theinvented steam engine.

  1. Nikola Tesla

NikolaTesla was an electrical engineer. He is remarkable for the inventionof fluorescent lighting, the Tesla Coil, induction motor, and 3-phaseelectricity. He also developed AC-current generator system.

  1. Nicolaus Otto

NicolausOtto was a mechanical engineer who aided in the invention of thefour-stroke engine to drawing fuel and air, compressing them, ignitesthem, and expels the entire system.

  1. Archimedes

Archimedesis remembered for the invention of how to determine an object’svolume by analyzing the amount of water displaced. He also inventedlevers, and pulleys and Archimedean screw in the field of mechanicalengineering.

  1. Leonardo DA Vinci

LeonardoDA Vinci is considered the engineer of all the time who designedbridges, parachutes, hang-gliders, and transmission. He is remarkablein the field of aviation he foresaw air aspects including helicopterand the submarine. Revolutionary engineers argued positively aboutthe effectiveness of his handwork and even considered other designsto have been working in case they were made by Leonardo Da Vinci.

  1. Thomas Edison

ThomasEdison is a designer in the field of electrical engineering. He holdsa record of over 1097 patents in history. He is remarkable in thedevelopment of the phonograph, stock ticker, incandescent light bulb,motion picture camera, and projectors among others. In addition, hesignificantly contributed in the creation of the first electricalplant.

  1. Henry Ford

HenryFord got an interest in the automobile engineering field in theproduction of cars. He is remarkably remembered for the establishmentof the moving assembly used for huge production of cars. Throughusing different principles from the industry, Henry Ford recorded abraking car production rate within a short span of five years. Heuses the principles such as interchangeable parts, reducing wasteefforts, continuous flow, and division of labor.

  1. Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright

WilburWright and OrvilleWright,famously known as “The Wright Brothers” were mechanical engineerswho got interested in kite-flying. Wilbur and Orville Wright areengineers of all the times due to their invention in pulley systemthat brings the alteration in the shape of wing in mid-flight and inthe alteration of the speed in the mid-flight. The Wright brothersare also remarkable in aerodynamics and propeller design.

  1. Heron Ho Alexandreus

HeronHo Alexandreus was a mechanical engineer who invented Aeolipile, ajet engine. This was a significant aspect of the industrialrevolution however, the invention was never implemented. Heron isalso remembered as a scholar who wrote works on pneumatics,mathematics, and physics.

  1. Alan Turing

AlanTuring is significant in computer engineering where he inventedbinary architecture used in computers. He is also remarkable in thecreation of many software applications for architectural use.


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