StephenCostello is married with two kids and is a resident of Houston sincehis childhood. Now a grandfather of two, Steve is passionate to makeHouston a better place for this generation and the next generation.He loves Houston more than any place on earth and recognize that thecity exhibit a towering greatness like no other, but Steve knows thecity has the potential to do more and better for all its residents(, 2015).

Hehas spent all his adult life in the city. As trained civil engineerby profession, Steve has fully worked within the city. He developedfrom scratch an engineering firm, Costello Inc., which has been asuccess in the city where it has not only helped create thousands ofnew jobs within and outside of Houston City but also it has beenregarded one of the “best places to work” by the Houston BusinessJournal (, 2015).

Heis trained to identify problems and work to provide logical solution,which has become an important skill in his career and life ingeneral. Therefore, he is best front runner to address and fix thetraffic and roads in the city while at the same time prioritizepublic Safety (, 2015). First employed in theArmy Corps of Engineers in Galveston, he gained invaluable experiencein drainage and flood control that makes him the right candidate forthe city infrastructure and flooding growing concerns.

Hewas elected for the first time to the city council in 2009, where hebecame the chair of the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee, it ishere where he managed the city Budget amounting to approximatelymulti-billion dollars. As the next mayor, Steve makes the rightperson to protect the taxpayer money. Steve has continually beeninvolved with the community and neighborhood affairs. He haschampioned the expansion and protection of the city public greenspace and parks through public advocacy policies, what is more is hisincessant belief on providing an appropriate framework to reducewasteful spending and offer cutting edge solutions to the pressinginfrastructural needs as a member of Houston City Council(, 2015) .

ThroughHis slogan, “The Leader to Move Us Forward”(, 2015), Steve lives this expectation and thebest mayoral candidate for Houston City.

Thepeople of Houston City

Thepeople of Houston city are diverse, with an estimated population ofabout 2.239 million people, the fourth largest city in the UnitedStates (ABC13 Houston, 2015). Despite this large population, theeligible voters has sharply decreased based on the previouselections, the obvious reason is because most are under 18 years ofage and also the majority of the people are not U.S citizens whichmakes them not eligible voters (ABC13 Houston, 2015).

Toconvince the majority of voters, the campaign strategy should firsttarget to create the awareness of the importance of choosing theright person to be the city Mayor. Using the past statistics, therehas been a significant decrease in the voter turnout (ABC13 Houston,2015). For instance, the 1971 mayoral election recorded 268,390votes compared to the same election in 2009 which recorded just155,670 votes. It shows that people currently takes the office ofmayor in Houston less important compared to the situation 40 yearsago (ABC13 Houston, 2015). To command a good ground in this election,more efforts should be done to sensitize people to turn out to decidethe future of their own city.

Theadvantage of the population makeup currently is the much reducedpolarization unlike the trend 40 years ago. Because the Anglopopulation has reduced, 26% in 2010 compared to 61% in 1971, a risein Hispanic population from 12% in 1971 to 44% in 2010 and anincrease of Asian and others population from 1% in 1970 to 7% in 2010has significantly reduced the voter out (ABC13 Houston, 2015) .

Hispanicsand Asians tend to have a lower voter turnout compared to blacks andAnglos voting patterns. Therefore, in order to gain more votes, theAsians and the Hispanics should be targeted more and given adequatesensitization (ABC13 Houston, 2015). Due to more democratic spaceexperienced at the moment, Steve would win more votes from thesediverse populations because he has a cutting edge experience to bethe next mayor. In addition, the people value issue based electionsrather than cultural or ethnic political orientations.

TheCampaign budget

Forthis election to be successful, a budget of $1.5 million is required.The big percentage of this money will go into TV ads, yards signs,mailers and other accoutrements (, 2015). Heraised $1.8 million before the first finance deadline and Steve hasexcess cash at hand of $1.5 million. Most of Steve funds came fromhis supporters who are believing in his candidature and invested forthis much because his qualifications makes him a front runner to bethe next mayor of Houston City (, 2015).


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