Statement of intent and goals

Statement of intent and goals

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Statementof intent and goals

Ithas been said that education is the only sure key to a successfullife. I have upheld this concept throughout my life, where I havebeen working hard in school to realize my goal of becoming anentrepreneur in the field of hospitality. Although I performedexemplary in high school, I feel that I need at least a Bachelorsdegree in hospitality business in order to excel in a competitivebusiness of in hotel and tourism industry. I am well informed aboutthe shortage of employment opportunities, which motivates me topursue the Bachelors degree to acquire skills that help me start upmy business.

Tothe best of my knowledge, networking is among the key factors thatdetermine one’s success in business. My short-term goal is to takean active role in the Hospitality Business Club with the objective ofestablishing connections with experienced people and other students.I expect my participation in the Hospitality Business Club to give anopportunity to interact with postgraduate students in the field ofhospitality business and establish links with the. In addition, Iwill take advantage of the scholarship at Michigan State University(MSU) to interact with professors who understand the history andtrends in the hospitality business, which will prepare me for myfuture career as an entrepreneur. Moreover, I purpose to work hard inmy course work, not just to ass example, but to get maximum knowledgethat a willing student can get by studying at MSU.

Mylong-term goal, as aforementioned is to open up my own hotel back inChina soon after graduating. Operating a personal business will helpme put the skills that I will acquire at MSU into practice. Comparedto an employment opportunity, being an entrepreneur will give me theautonomy I need to maximize the knowledge acquired from the course,with the limit being my creativity only. However, I hope to beginwith a small hotel, which I will expand to a larger one, and laterstart up a chain of hotels. I feel that being an entrepreneur and anemployer is more fulfilling than being an employee.

AlthoughI may not be able to predict the exact content of the Bachelorsdegree offered by MSU, I expect that the degree will expect to atleast learn about tourism management, restaurant management, casinomanagement, events and meeting management. This gives me confidencethat the hospitality degree will equip me with all the skills andknowledge that I need to achieve my short-term as well as long-termgoals. By undertaking an all rounded degree in hospitality businessoffered at MSU, I will be able to compete with hundreds ofentrepreneurs operating hotel businesses in China. In addition, thestudy of trends in the hospitality sector will help me differentiatemy business from other enterprises, which will increase mycompetitiveness.

Inconclusion, my passion is to become an entrepreneur, but I valueeducation, which is the key to my future career. My decision toselect MSU as my university of choice where I will undertake aBachelors degree in hospitality business is based on good testimoniesI have heard from relatives and friends who studied in theUniversity. Their success stories give me the confidence that I willacquire the skills I need to pursue my goals in life.