Short Term Staffing Plan Number

Short Term Staffing Plan Number

ShortTerm Staffing Plan


ShortTerm Staffing Plan

Thecorporate world has greatly evolved with time, especially in terms ofhuman resources. With the continuous growth of the service sectorinvestment in human capital plays a vital role in the overall growthof any organization. This calls for strategic human resourcemanagement which entails all activities involving hiring, training,evaluating and compensating employees. This is done so as to achievethe organization’s goals and objectives in line with ensuringemployee satisfaction. The human resource department must workclosely with the management of successful operations.[CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 ]Inthis review, we comprehensively analyze the staffing procedures forIronTown Incorporation in the customer service department to come outwith a sustainable solution to ensure employee satisfaction, whichultimately defines customer satisfaction and thus profitability.


Withreference to the case study given, the focus is the IronTown Inc.,and organization that was established a decade ago as a separated yetcentralized customer service department. At its commencement, theestablishment had 40 workers with the number growing to its currentnumber of 80 workers. The growth in the number of employees hasimmensely contributed to the organization growth. Despite the growth,the organization was faced with the issue of employee turnover.Regarding the case, the company was faced with two major crises whichentailed, critical staffing shortage, which has negatively impactedthe company’s customer service. For example, the existing employeesare required to work overtime, while the customers are required towait for a time before being served. The company has alreadyidentified the proposed measures or plans, i.e. outsource thecompany’s customer service or embark on building a more integratedinternal capacity. As part of the HR team, the main objective is todevise a working solution to the company’s problem that would beeffective in stabilizing the situation at hand.

.Analysisof Data

IronTownincorporation has grown substantially over the years. The customerservice department specifically has grown from having forty to eightyemployees. However the staffing pattern at IronTown has beenirregular and this has greatly slowed its pace. To begin with theworking periods is too long and stringent. The customer servicerepresentatives (CSRs) work for ten hours and cannot change theirshifts. This has resulted in low turnover for employees who completetheir two-week probationary training, 24% per year. Secondly, thecompany uses outdated and incompetent technology to access customerhistory, which reduces the efficiency of the CSRs in deliveringservices. These issues hinder the sprouting of productive customerrelations in the customer service department.

Customerservice representatives at IronTown are also being excessivelyexploited. Currently, there are no probationary trainees and whilethe CSR level 1 employees are required to be 70, they are 50.According to financial experts, the costs of operating with employeeshortage, is greater than that of hiring. To curb this issue threehiring options have been identified recruiting and trainingemployees, contracting with an employee service vendor andcontracting with independent contractors for employees. To determinethe optimal hiring criteria we analyzed the cost, time, control andintegration into the organization.

Contractingwith employee service vendors is low on cost and low on qualitycontrol, while independent contractors yield high on costs and highon quality control. On the other hand recruiting and trainingemployees have a long start up time, but is sustainable in the otheravenues. Therefore the best strategy to stabilize the staffingsituation at IronTown would be to hire and train their potentialemployees. Though this would take a longer period of time it wouldultimately yield desired results because the employees would bespecifically trained to achieve the distinct goals and objectives ofIronTown.

EthicalIssues in Staffing

Thesuccess parameter of any organization is a function of its humanresource. To ensure productivity in human capital, IronTownIncorporation must take into account the ethical and legal issues instaffing. First, hiring should only be by merit, regardless of age,sex, gender or religion[ CITATION Joh06 l 1033 ].This condition benefits both the employee and employer, in thatemployees are given equal opportunities and the organizationincorporates a greater scope of new skills. Additionally, employersmust give reasonable compensation packages to the employees. This isin terms of wages and other benefits such as pension. Differentworkloads should warrant different compensation packages and theseshould be adjusted regularly so as to boost employee morale[ CITATION Str l 1033 ].

Mostimportantly, IronTown Incorporation should ensure the workingconditions are ideal for maximum productivity of the CSRs. To beginwith the physical environment at the workplace should be conducive tooccupational safety and health requirements in place. Time is also animportant factor in staffing ethics. Workers should work on areasonable schedule which is open to adjustments to enhance theirflexibility. Additionally, the vertical relationship between themanagement team and the employees should be healthy to ensure thatemployees are satisfied and to avoid negative energy in theworkplace.[ CITATION Joh06 l 1033 ]


IronTownIncorporation has the potential to grow into greater heights giventhe exponential growth rate in the service sector globally. With afew adjustments in its staffing procedure IronTown can establish afirm human resource which will enhance its stability as anorganization. First IronTown must recruit and train their employees.This hiring strategy may have a long gestation period, but ultimatelybears the best results in terms of cost, quality control andintegrations with current operations. Investing resources intofunding the cost of new workers is a risk worth taking because myteam and I have factual positive results projecting into the nearfuture. Subsequently increased workers should translate into betterworking schedules. The time frame should be changed from 10 to 8hours a day and should be switched so that workers change shiftsweekly. Additionally, IronTown should enhance its working capacity byimproving its software to be up to date with technology. Thesemeasures will ensure employee satisfaction which translates intoimproved profitability and thus overall success of IronTownIncorporation.

Inconclusion, one of the key aspects or the functions of the HRdepartment in any given organization is the issue of staffing. Everycompany’s staffing strategy provides and overall guidance and theways to deal with the staff. This entails identification of newstaff, how to select, develop, and retain them, as well asmaintaining their satisfaction with the company. With respect toIronTown, the HR department is responsible for the finding of thesolution to the current crises maintaining the company’sobjectives. With the employee and customer satisfaction at stake inevery organization, the HR department, is credited with achievingboth the employee and customer satisfaction through the implementedstaffing plan.


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