Scott Abbott

Scott Abbott



Everyperson wishes to invest, be independent and have a successfulbusiness venture that provides leadership in the market. Scott hasworked way out, and he can comfortably enjoy that hard work at themoment. It is a pity because sometimes people fail to get that targetand statistics shows that about 40% of desired investments are likelyto liquidate and lost in the process. Another 80% fail to get theirprojected returns while 95% fail to hit their projections. Theseshocking results prove how it is difficult to do business contrary towhat many people think.

Scottstarted to invest at a very young age of sixteen. This is the stageof life when teenagers are pre-occupied with useless things includingpartying and entertainment. Scott chose a different path and decidedto start building his future. It does not matter what stage of lifeone is, an individual can start an investment project. With relevantsupport, hard work and commitment, Scott was able to start a businessthat grew to own franchise. He later goes to Utah University for hisMBA, which he completed successfully.

Lackof management and experience is the sole reason many investmentsfail. Potential investors need to learn how to manage business andplanning to enable success in a venture. Joining a group of anentrepreneur is helpful because it adds value through sharing ofproblems and possible solutions. It is good critically select aninvestment opportunity and determine its projections. Like Scott, Iam sure anybody who is determined and focused on shaping their futurecan achieve it. Giving up is never an option since life is about upsand downs just as Scott had his ups and downs. The patients laterpaid.