Roger Alvarado

Roger Alvarado




RodgerAlvarado was one of the key initiators of the strike that happenedbetween 1968- 1969 at SFSU. He was a very courageous man being one ofthe co-spokes-person at the University. From Rodger Alvarado`s story, he was a civil rights activist who will not sit down and watch thestudents suffer from the bad leadership of the time in theuniversity. He tells us that there were several cases of racismwhere the authorities were against a particular race. He and his teamwere intelligent that they formed a social community program that wasmeant to involve the community in their activities and decisions inthe campus. They formed a tutorial program that was meant to evaluateprofessor`s performance and also help in empowering the students. Themost interesting part of is that he remembers each andeverything that happened at that time and also the people that theyworked with. He was a man who sacrificed himself for the good of hispeople especially the students.

Theschool took advantage of the young people joining the campus thatmade their strike not successful. The tutorial program was aself-determinant program that encouraged the students to be part ofthe community at their place of work. At the time he left the programa lot of things had been achieved under his leadership thatsymbolized his good leadership. He joined work study program by aninvitation from the dean of students at that time after seeing thepotential in him. After joining the work study program, RodgerAlvarado started fighting for the rights of the black students whowere neglected and who never appreciated their being black, and thus,they formed black student association. He had the will of thestudents at heart which made join the campus in 1968. Due to hisefforts, there was a demonstration of students which led to somechanges. He also identified the evil intentions of the student bodythat came in just after the existing one. Indeed, this bodymismanaged the funds leading to some loss of valuable products.

Hetook part in a lot of activities and associations in the school thatwere meant for the success of the students. He was ready to stand andsupport the good as far as education system was concerned. Despitebeing supportive, the department was rigid, and this made him jointhe strike that was started by the Ph.D. students. This shows that hewas very courageous more than anybody else, and he was a man thatwould stand for truth despite the consequences. He was a very goodcoordinator, and they would meet and discuss the progress and whatthey would do in order to succeed in their demonstration. One of thethings that made them achieve their goals is the support that theygot from other students.

Theyhad some challenges such like the length of the semester was very big(about four and half months). The most interesting thing is that thischallenges did not stop them, but they gave them hope and courage.Through the strike, he made a lot of things that were hinderingsuccess in the school. His hope was to see each student have a goodlife in school, succeed and get a good job outside there. However,through , a lot of people have succeeded. He fought sohard in all the associations that he was to reform the educationsystem. In conclusion, is a man whose intention is tosee each person succeed. His advice on the students that they need toremain united and work together for the success has proven that he isa man who needs his country and the entire world to develop.


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