Robert Lee Virtue Museum

Robert Lee Virtue Museum

Every country has memories that are worth passing from onegeneration to another for them to act as facts to give the futuregeneration a sense of the past. The making of every nation involvesthe input of different people whose actions are for the interest ofthe whole republic. Their efforts are likely to fade if not kept safein protected areas. Some state documents that made significantimpacts in history also need to be available to the public. Museumsplay a vital role in linking people with their past by stockinghistorical documents and artifacts in protected areas that areaccessible to willing members of the public. This paper provides ananalysis of the Arlington House including the virtual services itoffers to its online visitors.

The Robert Lee Park provides virtual services where people can accesshistorical information at the comfort if their homes. The parkoperates under the National Park Service Museum program that supportsthe development of policies and procedures for managing historicalcollections including natural, cultural and archival materials(National Park Service). The Robert Lee museum disseminatesinformation to the public on their websites on various societalaspects.

The Congress supported the establishment of The Robert Lee Memorialto honor Lee’s military career and his leadership role in the civilAmerican war. The Robert Lee House relates with three of the mostinfluential families in Virginia. That is the Washington family, theCustises, and the Lee family. Custis dedicated his life to honoringWashington’s speeches, and he compiled a significant collection ofWashington treasury (National Park Service).The house stocks imagead portraits of the family members in their different years. Avisitor looking at them will have a chance to scrutinize how thefamous citizens looked like in their various ages.

It also harbors education and children objects used in the 19thcentury. The online available objects include leather boots and adrafting set. The set has belonged to Lee, who was a graduate of theUnited States military academy that many considered as the bestengineering school of the time and his drawing set is available toonline visitors. Another important object in the child and educationarea is the terrestrial globe that dates back to 1800 andarcheologists found it in the attic of the Arlington house (NationalPark Service). The children from these families also enjoyed the besteducation. Visitors can view the Arithmeticon chart made of wood andglass that the children used for calculations. The Arlington Houseprovides brief histories of the objects and associates them withtheir different owners.

The house also stocks historical furniture used by the three familiesas well as personal items used by the family members. Some relevantdocuments found on the virtual platform include the letter from Maryto Emma Randolph written in 1850 and the letter from Lee to WMMarshal written on 27th December 1853 (National Park Service).

A virtual tour o his museum brings to light various artifacts thatthe curators considers relevant to the American history. A visitor inthe website gets a chance to view various collections of the Americancivil war. They include the Gettysburg Civil War collections thatshowcase the belongings manufactured or used by the military in theUnion and Confederate camps. Also, it harbors the symbols of battleincluding the civil war flags and the images from Vicksburg Siege andthe U.S.S in Cairo (National Park Service).

The virtual museum also lays insight on the history of the AmericanHeritage. It presents the objects that originated from AlcatrazIslands includes objects curved by the notorious prisoners and imagesof their artwork. It also stocks images of famous inmates includingAl Capone and Stroud. Other important aspects of the Americanheritage found on the site include images from First Day Covers,Hudson School and Prince William Forest Paintings (National ParkService).

Visitors get insight on brief histories of former American presidentsand first ladies and their significant contribution to thedevelopment of the American Society. It stocks the accounts ofAbraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, the D. Eisenhower couple,Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. The online platformgives brief information on the critical dates relating to the timesthey were in power (National Park Service). Aspects of the Americanrevolutionary war also find a place in the virtual museums. Itpresents the images from the Guildford Courthouse and contributionsof the key players in American independence.

In addition to highlighting the political figures in the Americaneconomy, the museum stocks the contributions of great Americanvisionaries whose independent views influenced the American societyin different ways. They include Carl Sandburg, Clara Briton,Frederick Douglass, The Legends of Tuskegee and, Booker Washingtonamong others (National Park Service). Their contributions to theAmerican society are worth being remembered, and it’s the reasonthe museum singles them out as some of the makers of the nation.

In conclusion, the Arlington house virtual museum is an informativesite where citizens can access information and view historicalobjects used famous citizens. It breaks the need to travel to thepark since interested people can access the museum from their homesor offices.


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