Rhetorical analysis

Rhetorical analysis

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TucsonOriginal, in one of its web publications “Local dining at its best”described its corporate social responsibility to the community. Thecorporate social responsibility is based on the principle of giving,where the management praises the chain of restaurants for theirefforts to make contributions with the objective of addressing theneeds of the community. The management of Tucson Origin addresses theAmerican communities that value their respective traditionalcuisines. Tucson Original’s purpose is to win the trust of theAmerican communities served by the chain of restaurants and ensurethat the corporate social responsibility has an impact in thesociety. Tucson Originals adopts a complimentary tone to convince theAmerican communities that the intention of Tucson restaurants is topreserve their culinary heritage and the spirit of independence.

TucsonOriginals opens the first paragraph by praising Tucson forexemplifying the independent spirit as well as the culinary heritage.Tucson Originals used a proud tone to convince the audience about therole of Tucson in advancing the culinary heritage and the independentspirit, which has been achieved by the restaurant acting as a“driving force” for similar groups in America who are doing allthat they can to conserve the culinary spirit of their respectivecommunities. Tucson Originals addresses the lovers of traditionalculinary to convince them that the restaurant shares with them thegoal of ensuring that these culinary do not go to extinction overtime. The proud tone conveys a message that Tucson exists to servethe interests of the people who love and value their traditionalculinary.

TucsonOriginals opens the second paragraph by acknowledging Tucson for itstireless contribution towards charitable activities. Tucson Originalsuse a complimentary tone to remind the audience that Tucson is partof their friends and neighbors “who contribute endlessly” and arerepresented in uncountable charitable events with the objective ofimproving the community. Tucson Originals compliments Tucson to showthe community that the restaurant does not, only exist to makeprofit, but also to help indigenous communities achieve theirinterests, which is confirmed by the statement that the restaurantsare represented in outreach efforts throughout the year”. TucsonOriginals manages to convince indigenous communities the Tucson ispart and parcel of their lives, and does not exist to exploit theirfinances.

Towardsthe end of the second paragraph, Tucson Originals argues that Tucsonis always the first to make its contribution whenever a need arisesin the community. Tucson Originals use pathos to appeal to indigenouscommunities to give back to Tucson by buying its offerings and givingit the support it needs to continue operating in the community.Tucson Originals make the emotional appeal to win the trust of themembers of the community and ensure that its corporate socialresponsibility achieve its ultimate goal of establishing arelationship with the community. The appeal help Tucson restaurantsattain the loyalty and the support of the people who intend toprotect their traditional culinary.

Inconclusion, Tucson’s purpose of making the publication is toconvince its audience, American communities that value theirrespective culinary, that Tucson’s chain of restaurants was startedto protect their culinary heritage and the spirit of independence.Tucson Originals manages to use a complimentary tone to describe howTucson has been using the principle of giving as engrained in itscorporate social responsibility to make contributions that addressingthe specific needs of the community as they arise.


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