Rewriting the Article “The Most Entitled Generation Isn`t Millenials”

Rewriting the Article “The Most Entitled Generation Isn`t Millenials”

Rewritingthe Article &quotTheMost Entitled Generation Isn`t Millenials&quot

Rewritingthe article to address the baby boomer generation

Itis generally assumed that millennial is the most entitled generationin the United States, but this notion is based on severalmisconceptions. The baby boomers have been made to believe that themillennial generation has grown up with instant gratifications thatthe older generations missed. Baby boomers also hold that the modernworkplaces have shifted from manual to technology. It is evident thatintergenerational conflict between the baby boomers and millennialsis based on a perception that millennials are more advantaged bytheir technology skills. Baby boomers have forgotten that thedifficulty of getting a job in the current labor market and a highdemand for efficiency has forced millennials to become moreaggressive, seek to command of technology, and become first adopters.This is unlike the times of the baby boomers when getting a job wasquite easy.

Insteadof seeing millennial as a generation that is entitled, the babyboomers should start seeing millennials as victims of entitlementthat was awarded to older generations, including the baby boomers.The current market is characterized by economic hardships, anincrease in the cost of living, and difficulties of finding a job,all of which are symptoms of an economic tragedy that was writtenlong before millennials were born. Older generations createdperpetuated policies, economic realities, and policies that allowedthem to lead more luxurious lives than necessary, which hascontributed towards the economic challenges that millennial arefacing.

Thecurrent national debt that has proven to be a significant burden onthe millennial generation is attributed to borrowings that were madein the 1980s to take care of tax cuts for the benefit of the babyboomers. Other funds were spent in financing government projects thathad short-term benefits that were only enjoyed by the baby boomers.In addition, the fact that the baby boomers, who are currentlyoccupying positions have allowed reasonable minimum wage rates thatthey enjoyed to deteriorate, while cutting taxes on bonds and stocksthat they accumulated during the times of the debt-driven economy.This has disadvantaged millennials, while indicating that the babyboomers are still entitled.

Itis ironical to state that millennials are entitled while the truth isthat they are the victims of the privileges that older generationsenjoyed. In reality, millennials belong to a frustrated generationthat is being forced by circumstances to adopt technology and becomeaggressive in the labor market in an attempt to secure some positionin a market that is controlled by the baby boomers. On the contrary,baby boomers are still entitled given the fact that they holdsignificant political positions. This has given them the power toreduce taxes in the capital market, which they dominate, whileletting minimum wages that are meant to benefit millennials todepreciate.

Rewritingthe article to address an apathetic cousin

Oldergenerations have labeled millennial as an entitled, narcissistic, anda lazy generation that has been addicted to the social media.However, you have the responsibility to demonstrate that thestereotype held by older generations is unfounded since millennialgeneration is just trying to respond to market demands as well aschallenges. It is evident that older generations are becoming nervousafter observing that millennials are more educated and understandtechnology better than other generations. Millennials have a role toplay in demonstrating to older generations that their focus onscience is not an indication of being entitled, but a sign of ageneration that is struggling to find its identify in thecontemporary society.

Trendsconfirm that millennial generation is facing economic difficulties asa result of economic privileges and entitlement of older generations.However, you, as a millennial, should see the positive side of thedifficult experiences you have gone through. These challenges havegiven millennials an opportunity to become more fiscally responsible.Millennials have acquired tertiary education through debts, unlikeolder generations that attended school when education was affordable.Learning on debt is a sufficient lesson that has allowed millennialsto learn how to eschew expensive commodities (such as large housesand cars) and go for economic size down options, including sharedliving spaces and traveling on bikes.

Millennialshave been blaming the baby boomers for occupying close to two thirdsof the leadership positions, which have given them the opportunity tocut taxes on stock and bonds. However, this scenario can beattributed to the lack of interest in politics among millennials. Thebaby boomers comprise of only a third of the voting population, whileoccupying two thirds of Senate and U.S. House RepresentativePositions. This indicates that many millennials who qualify to votedo not take advantage of their large population to vote their fellowmillennials, who can understand their challenges, such as thedeterioration of the minimum wage rate. Instead of becomingapathetic, millennials should vote for other fellow millennials inorder to get a fair representation in the Senate and in the House ofRepresentatives.

Millennialsneed to take advantage of the social media and share political aswell as economic opinions on Twitter and in the voting booth. Thiswill help millennials assume an active role in taking the countrytowards the greatness that they have desired. Economic and socialchallenges have enhanced the capacity to millennials to make hardchoices, some of which the entitled older generations could not make.Therefore, millennials should wake up, gain some interest inleadership, believe in themselves, and take advantage of their largepopulation to address challenges that were brought about by theentitlement of older generations.


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