Research Problem in Nursing Research

Research Problem in Nursing Research


ResearchProblem in Nursing Research


There are many sources to develop a research problem. Personalinvolvement either as a customer or as a medical profession is asignificant source. For instance, reviewing a procedure manuallymight trigger such questions as “do the process for providing mouthcare used for all patients?” (Burns and Grove 2001). Factoring thedifferent variety of patients such as those with AIDS, cancer, thosewith endotracheal, one might ask if one size fit all, or whether aseparate method to established in each instance. Therefore, personalexperience is a significant source of recognizing existing researchgaps that would benefit a study.

Literature andwritten works in nursing could also be a valuable research source toa problem (Burns and Grove 2001). For instance, a motive researchermay identify a topic of interest and review written works, andnursing scholarly works to determine the types of a study carried inthat area. Examining how other researchers have approached theproblem of interest could sparkle ideas or may hint areas that wouldbenefit from reapplication. Besides, dissertations and publishedarticles often provide a specific suggestion for future research inthe area. This suggestion may be a significant part of the discussionof the findings.

Finally, socialissues and a shift in a population provide an impetus for healthcareresearch (Burns and Grove 2001). For instance, the feminist movementmay raise questions about gender equality in medical institutions.The civil right movement may erupt a research into minority healthproblem and medical health treatment in different ethnic classes. Theemergence of issues like the Alzheimer’s Disease may lead toresearch dealing with the health care of these patients and how bestto provide care for the caregiver. The rising incidence of obesity inall ages of the population may hint the need to research intoapproaches to promoting skill building in the context of a healthylifestyle.


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