Question 1 How Edward Bellamy Demonstrated Optimism in 1800

Question 1 How Edward Bellamy Demonstrated Optimism in 1800

Question1: How Edward Bellamy Demonstrated Optimism in 1800

EdwardBellamy demonstrated optimism in the 1800 by writing about a betterfuture American economy, when the real economy at the time was inproblems. In the book, Edward Bellamy explains how the futureAmerican people will produce goods and services and how they willconsume them. He further explains how the industries will be workingbetter than they were. Before the man in the book, Julian West took asleep that wakes him to a utopian world America was in problems withworkers` strikes, building delays and labor conflicts (Bellamy 10).However, he explains of a better economy, where Julian West wakes upwith no labor problems.

Inaddition, Edward Bellamy demonstrated optimism by giving a contrastof the world at the time, year 1800 with the future world, which isthe year 2000. This contrast gives the future, the best place in thebook. As a result, the American society feels optimistic that thefuture will be better than the past. More specifically, Bellamydescribes the specific things that the future society will do betterthan the current one in the late nineteenth century. For instance, heexplains the family of Doctor Leete who live in a better society,with equal opportunities, better products, good morals and friendlypeople.

Question2: Why Bellamy’s book was influential

Thebook by Edward Bellamy was so influential to the American societybecause it gave the American society the image of how the futurelooks like. The book became influential because it related thecurrent situation with the idea of progress, of the human race, andgives people hope of a better America. In addition, the book is soinfluential because it addressed the issues that Americans werefacing when the book was written. He explains that there will come atime when these problems will be over. For instance, he addressed theproblem of women not being treated equally in the society at thetime, year 1800. He describes a future society where women will berespected, and will have equal opportunities with the men like it isin Dr. Leete’s family (Bellamy 18).

Question3: Bradbury Building and the Book

Ithink the Bradbury building has to do with the future buildings thatBellamy describes in his book. Bellamy explains that the future willhave magnificent buildings that he observed in his morning walk whilein the utopian world (Bellamy 35). The building illustrates the realtype of buildings that Bellamy writes about as being the buildings ofthe future.


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