Quality Measures

Quality Measures



Myprimary hospital of care for the assignment was acute care. Acutecare is the branch of healthcare that involves the use of active butshort-term treatment for a patient suffering from a severe injury ora series of illness. Other conditions that are included in thiscategory involve patients who need an urgent medical condition orthose who are recovering from surgery. For the purpose of comparison,I chose three hospitals in this category located in Georgia, theUnited States with the benchmarking standards for the data been theGeorgian state average and also the federal republic average for heissues under focus. The three hospitals are namely, Athens RegionalMedical Centre, Appling Hospital, and the Candler Hospital. The threehospitals would provide a wide scope of comparison for the residentsof Georgia to help individuals make a proper decision n where toaccess health and medical services.

Thefirst issue I have to look at is the survey of patients experience inthe hospital. This is because the needs of the patients are one ofthe factors that determine the level of satisfaction and by extensionthe level of quality of the service rendered by the doctors andnurses. Under the same, the details would include the communicationbetween the patients and the nurses, the availability of help topatient when and when they required the same and how urgent thenurses and doctors respond to the same. The other issues are thegeneral hospital environment condition including the level of noiseat night and hygiene levels. Whether medics explained to them on howto use drugs and the patient take on whether they could recommendanother patient to the same hospital. The other focus of the researchis on timely and effective care. Efficiency, effectiveness,patient-centeredness and timeliness are the primary dimensions ofquality under consideration in my focus.

Ofthe three hospitals, Athens Regional Medical Centre (ARMC) reported alower than average for both the state (83%) and federal (82%) figuresin terms of nurses communication with patient at 79%. For nurses,both state and federal average is 79% and so is ARMC with Appling at78% and Candler Hospital reporting a 76%. When asked about theresponse to help request ARMC reported a 65% while Appling 59% andCandler 57%. Georgian state reported an average of 66% while thefederal average was 68%. The three hospital reported a lowerpercentage concerning the level of cleanliness of the bathroom thatthe state (72%) and federal (74%). The same situation was true forthe instruction given to patients concerning drugs (Medicare.gov,n.d.).

Externallyreported measures are beneficial because they help enhance universalstandards of identifying the quality of service offered. It also helpto harmonize and comparison of performance with the various servicesoffered by different hospitals. However, these measures could bedifficult to apply and implement since they require harmonization ofthe different perspectives by a central body. Benchmarking is animportant quality improvement tool. One is it help identify an areaof weakness by the management. By use of an external measure, thelevel of service of one hospital can be compared with the average ofthe industry. The findings from the various Individual hospitals canhelp an individual hospital identify a specific area that needsimprovement. Patients can also use these result to identify hospitalthat meet their needs. Nevertheless, when a patient is in a criticalmedical condition, it is recommended that they visit the nearesthospital and make subsequent decisions later (Sower, Duffy, &ampKohers, 2008).


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