Quality Guidelines

Quality Guidelines



Role of ISO concerning health care safety and quality

The organization that I have chosen is ISO(International Organization Standardization. ISO is anon-governmental, independent membership organization and thedeveloper of the international standards. ISO is a world classfor products, to ensure quality, services and systems, efficiency andsafety where it is instrumental in facilitating international trade.ISO has diverse standards in many industries ranging from foodsafety, technology, healthcare and agriculture. ISO impacts everyone

Key guidelines

ISO respond to the market needs: it does not decide when they developnew standards but rather respond to industry request. Theindustry sector communicates the need for a standard.ISO guidelines should be on the basis of the global expert opinion.The experts have negotiation of the standards that includes thecontent and key definition. Another guideline that is proposed isdeveloping it through multi-stakeholders. Another guideline is on thebasis of consensus where the comments from all the stakeholders areconsidered.

Strengths and Weakness of the guidelines

Increased marketability: this provides business with heightenedcredibility with prospective and current clients. The guidelinesreduce the operational expenses. The rigorous process of registrationposes shortcomings in the operational environment. Better managementcontrol is enhanced by these guidelines. The self-assessment anddocumentation that most business undergoes is a significant benefit.The guidelines increase the satisfaction of the customers and alsoprovide internally improved communication (ISO,2015)

Irrespective of the very many advantages, the consultants, and thebusiness owners caution that there should be research on thecertification process before the resources are committed. Themanagers and owners of any given organization do not have sufficientunderstanding of the guidelines. Funding for the quality system isnot sufficient since to be certified is costly. The guidelinesemphasizes on documentation of the operating procedures


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